Introduction to Mindfulness - full day workshop


+ Are you ready to find some calm amidst the chaos of daily life?
+ Do you want to be more present with the kids or your family and friends?
+ Feeling stuck, having difficulty switching off or sleeping?
+ Tired of feeling stressed out, burnt out or overwhelmed?

It’s time to step away from your to-do list for the day. Join Simone Russell, Occupational Therapist and Life + Mindfulness Coach for a one-day Introduction to Mindfulness workshop. Learn how to tame your monkey mind, reconnect with yourself and practise a range of strategies to keep you calm and centred, improve your sleep and your relationships. Expect an insightful and educational day, where we will demystify mindfulness and meditation.

Throughout the day you will explore:
  • How to seamlessly implement mindfulness into your busy day
  • How to establish a simple, consistent meditation practice that doesn't take hours of your day
  • How to respond instead of react to daily ‘triggers’ and better manage your emotions
  • Tips for promoting quality sleep
  • How to live with greater purpose, peace and presence
  • Tips for improving your productivity, focus, communication and relationships

This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking more calm in their day and practical skills to navigate the ups and downs of life. It's particularly helpful for those experiencing stress, worries, anxiety or overwhelm, those feeling disconnected to themselves or lacking confidence.

Mindfulness is a practice that can benefit everyone.

When: Saturday 11th August
Time: 9.30am - 4pm
Where: Finley Pilates & Clinical Myotherapy, 249 Murray St, Finley (enter via back lane)
Investment: $99 includes tea, coffee, morning/afternoon tea and a workbook.

*Please note there will be time to go and get your own lunch or you can bring your own.

Some kind words...

"The mindfulness based strategies from the 7 Days of Non-Judgement have changed my marriage. The result has been amazing! We have had the best month of our marriage in as long as I can remember!" Claire, Melbourne

"Working with Simone has just been amazing. Simone listens empathetically and non-judgementally, and gives both practical and research based advice. The advice she gives is like following a formula! One particular aspect that I love about Simone is that she has worked as a health professional. She brings a healthy dose of science which really built my trust and is used to working with clients at a professional level.

I have been working with Simone for about a year now and I am really starting see/feel the changes in all aspects of my life! My anxiety is at an all time low and I am really starting to enjoy life and notice daily that the symptoms attached to anxiety have diminished almost entirely. It is like some missing pieces of a jigsaw have been found. I feel really great right now, so much clearer and more confident. I finally feel like I've found my true self when for so many years I believed change was impossible. I'm so glad I found Simone and her approach when I did." Lisa, Melbourne