Soulful Goals Mastermind




8 week group coaching program


What's included:

+ 8 weeks of group coaching on goal setting (numbers capped at strictly 10 women)

+ 6 live group coaching calls up to 1.5 hours (these will also be recorded)

+ 2 integration weeks to work on implementation

+ Weekly emails with activities, audio/videos, additional resources and worksheets

+ Email support across the 8 weeks

+ Free meditations 

+ Ongoing support, accountability and resources in the Soulful Goals Facebook group


Over 6 hours of laser coaching with me - valued at over $1300.

Meditations, audio/videos, extra resources - invaluable!

Supportive mastermind environment - priceless!

All yours at the Early Bird rate of one payment of $197.

Early Bird available until the 18th of May or until sold out.

Price will increase to $297 from the 19th of May.

The Soulful Goals Mastermind starts Monday 6th of June.



Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are:

+ tired of feeling like there must be more to life

+ totally over feeling like you're not good enough

+ fed up of getting in your own way and dimming your light to please others

+ ready to create the life you truly desire NOW!!

+ seeking support of a coach and a sisterhood of likeminded women

+ ready for change and prepared to take action to co-create a magical life with more ease, flow and freedom

+ able to commit to weekly coaching calls and are self-motivated to work through the content, resources and worksheets in between

OR you are...

+ seeking accountability and someone to hold your hand 

+ still trying to finish the Soulful Goals challenge but keep getting distracted or can't quite seem to find the time


What are the topics?

Week 1: Introduction - How do you want to feel? Wheel of Life and Core Desired Feelings from the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

Week 2: What is it you truly desire? Identifying 1-3 goals to work on.

Week 3: Integration week - no group coaching call.

Week 4: What are the potential barriers or roadblocks?

Week 5: Accountability, your cheer squad, visualisation and vision boards.

.Week 6: Integration week - no group coaching call.

Week 7: Take inspired action - what can you do each day, week, month?

Week 8: Wrap up - review of goals and celebration of progress!



What results can I expect?

+ increased confidence and clarity in what it is you desire 

+ an understanding and lived experience of how create the life you desire

+ increased knowledge on how to set effective goals and balance the doing and being

+ awareness of the common roadblocks and barriers unique to you and what to do to overcome them

+ a deeper sense of connection to what brings you joy

+ increased happiness and general wellbeing, reduced stress levels, more ease and flow

+ achievement or partial achievement of one or more goals

+ a supportive sisterhood who have got your back!



When will the calls be and what happens if I can't make the coaching calls?

Of course it would be amazing if you can make the calls but not to worry if you can't. All of the coaching calls will be recorded for you to go back and listen to if you can't make the calls live. At this stage the weekly calls are likely to be on a Monday evening from 8-9.30pm (AEST).

I haven't completed the Soulful Goals challenge, does this matter?

No, absolutely not. This short Mastermind is here to work through the content from the Soulful Goals challenge in more detail.

I haven't been a part of a group coaching program before, does this matter?

No, we are all in this together. You don't have to have any experience of working in a group or working with a coach before.

How is the program delivered?

You will receive a weekly email with a combination of resources delivered via audio, video and worksheets. You will also receive a link to join the weekly group coaching call where you will get a chance to have the hot seat for laser coaching. There will also be two integration weeks where you will have time to implement what it is you are learning.

Why would I select this program over the 6 month Dream, Believe, Receive Group Program?

This program is for those who haven't had a chance to work through the Soulful Goals challenge and are wanting to be walked through it at a slower pace and with additional support than was offered in the challenge. You may be new to goal setting or ready to take immediate action on specific goals to initiate change. Having 8 weeks to work together means you will start to see results immediately!

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, payment plans are available on request.


If you have any questions please email


"Coaching with Simone has been life-changing for me. I was pretty close to rock-bottom when I started working with Simone, and that changed so quickly after we started working together. Simone has been such a huge support that I somehow now feel more grounded, self-assured, self-confident and playful. Instead of being a sobbing, exhausted mess at the end of the day, I'm bursting to express myself through art, words and yoga. I'm able to pick myself up after a "fall" and keep going; finding universal lessons in uncomfortable emotions and experiences." Erica - supermum, Yoga Teacher, Artist and Author at The Nonsense of It