I feel blessed on a daily basis to be building a business I am so passionate about AND love!

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So I did a yoga class tonight in my new leggings, and they are the most COMFIEST leggings I own now! I love them!!! When I can spend more on leggings I will be back!!!!

Kirstie Jennings | Patterson Lakes, Australia


An ad on FB for Yogamona grabbed my attention when I saw yoga pants with the most stunning patterns.  Without hesitation, I jumped onto the website and wanted to purchase everything!  I settled for 2 yoga pants and a BE LOVE top.  To my excited surprise, within a couple of days, I received my gifts to myself.  I tried on everything straight away and I have not really taken them off!  (My fiansqueeze will vouch for this!)  The pants feel like a second skin and the top is so soft and luxurious.  Thank you, Simone for your amazing service and such beautiful clothing. Emoji  Namaste, Kim

Kim Thomas | The Ka Huna Connection | Brisbane, Australia



Simone is a highly in tune coach, her honest but loving approach is so comforting when going through major life transitions. She provided such valuable insight into some of the core underlying reasons why I may have been anxious and she gave me such beautiful practices to help remind me of my inner beauty everyday and the courage to dream big and tackle the things that my heart and soul were calling out for.

Since coaching with Simone my life has changed immensely. Although I have had many challenges with my health, I have been gentle and patient with myself and allowed my body to heal in its own time. I have also prioritised my self care and released so much fear and enrolled in a Diploma of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine full time. This is something I would never have tackled 12 months ago. Simone's loving coaching certainly helped get me to this place and I am so very grateful for her wonderful guidance.


Jane Hallisey | Kinesiologist in training | Nourish From The Inside Out | Melbourne, Australia 


Simone was open, honest and really listened, which I believe is paramount in having a coach. I found Simone above all to be non-judgmental, she had the ability to provide feedback in a constructive way and was also able to provide a different perspective to the problems that I hadn't considered.

Coaching with Simone was fun, friendly and I learnt more about myself. She helped me to remind myself how much I am worth, which has been very valuable both in a personal and professional perspective. I would highly recommend her for others.

Amanda Bailey | Melbourne, Australia


Simone is a highly intuitive coach, with a genuine care for her clients. Her ability to empathise and connect with clients energetically is second to none. I love Simone's caring, focused, and creative coaching style, which always encourages you to dig a little deeper and resolve long-standing issues buried under the surface. I've made more progress being coached by Simone over the past year than I have made collectively over the past ten years. Simone presents just the right mix of nurturing support and tough love- and is like a long-lost girlfriend you always wished you had.

Yvette Lee- Archer | Holistic Health Coach for Mothers | Ella Rinnova | Melbourne, Australia


Simone was engaging and opened my eyes to an alternate perspective. She helped me to realise the connection between my thoughts and mood.

Jamie Armstrong | Integrative Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher | Ritual Health Coaching | Newcastle, Australia


I feel magic happened Friday. It wasn't so much the words of advice that were spoken, but the eventual energetic healing space you provided. I walked away feeling so much closer to my true self. Without thinking too much I was able to call and connect with a friend I had slowly let drift away. Also since then I have done 3 healings (previously none in the last 6 months) and have another 9 lined up.My business name and details have pretty much fallen into place this weekend, and while nothing is secured re website and business name: it is certainly well on its way.

Rebecca Alexander | Melbourne, Australia



I enjoyed the meditation. Simone was great, has a wonderful tone of voice, knowledgable and connects with people well. My favourite part of the retreat was the meditation/healing session but did also enjoy the sessions when just talking about the juices, benefits of juicing.

Deane Palmer | Perth, Australia