Love to Live Workshop


Do you find yourself asking is there more to life than this?
Are you feeling burnt out, stressed out or unhappy in one or more areas of your life?
Do you put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?
Is there very little left in the tank at the end of the day?
If you answered YES to any of these questions come along to the Love to Live workshop for a nurturing afternoon of self-discovery, transformation through the practice of self-love and heart opening yoga.
WHEN: Saturday 18th April
WHERE: The Habitat Space, 328 Waverley Road, Malvern East, VIC
TIME: 1-4pm
COST: $65 non-members, $55 The Habitat Space members


In this three hour workshop you will learn strategies to support a practice of self-love and begin to unlock the key to happiness. Together, we will debunk myths around the term self-love, workshop self-limiting beliefs, and brainstorm ways to better nurture yourself. There will be meditation, 1:1 and group activities, yoga and a chance to connect with a like-minded community over a herbal tea and raw treats.

This workshop IS for you if:
+ you're ready to break through self-limiting beliefs and deepen your understanding of self-love.
+ you're open-minded, curious and ready to make change.
+ you believe you're responsible for your own happiness.
+ you're familiar with the concept of self-love but in need of inspiration and practical ideas to reinvigorate your current practice.

This workshop ISN'T for you if:
+ you continue to look externally for happiness. 
+ you aren't ready to step out of the victim role. 
+ you're not comfortable digging deeper and speaking about your feelings in a safe space.

Workshop outline:
1-2pm: Introduction to the practice of self-love, meditation, group and 1:1 activities by Simone Russell, Founder of Yogamona.
2-3pm: Heart opening yoga series, suitable for all levels by Ashley Goodspeed, yoga teacher and health coach.
3-4pm: Afternoon tea break, group and 1:1 activities, meditation, wrap up by Simone. 

What's included:
+ 2 hour workshop on the fine art of self-love.
+ 1 hour heart opening yoga session.
+ Gift bag filled with goodies that nourish your soul and open your heart.
+ A healthy afternoon tea of raw treats and a selection of herbal tea.

You will walk away with:
+ A clear understanding of what self-love does and doesn't involve.
+ A clear plan of how to incorporate a self-love practice into your everyday life.
+ A list of ideas of self-love strategies and practices.
+ A workbook to help you get back on track if you slip up after the workshop.

+ A 30 minute follow-up coaching session with Simone from Yogamona via Skype or phone.
+ A 10-day yoga pass to The Habitat Space (for non-members only).

Simone Russell
Simone is the Founder of Yogamona and a holistic health and happiness coach with a focus on empowering women to release their fears and work towards living the life they dream. Simone strongly believes that spirituality, self-love, yoga and meditation play an integral role in happiness, health and wellbeing.

Simone is also an occupational therapist with over a decade of experience in working with people to manage stress, fatigue and other cognitive, emotional and physical limitations impacting on their daily life. Simone has a specific interest in neurological conditions such as stroke and the prevention of burnout.

Ashley Goodspeed
Ashley teaches a creative Vinyasa Flow class that integrates elements of meditation and Ashtanga influences. Her background in massage therapy and health coaching gives her a unique understanding of the body that comes through in her classes. Ashley completed her yoga training in Boulder, Colorado, where she also practiced under Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. Ashley has been teaching throughout the USA and Australia for the past nine years. She currently lives with her husband and two children in the Mornington Peninsula.

The Habitat Space
THS is a holistic wellness centre with the focus of creating a community where health, wellness and vitality for life thrives. Boasting a stunning studio with solid bamboo flooring and floods of natural light dedicated to providing the community with yoga, pilates, barre and mindfulness classes. There are four consulting rooms for holistic health practitioners to practice from, offering a 360 degree approach to creating true wellness.


 Sponsors of the Love to Live workshop include The Habitat Space and The Slow Tea Co.


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