Interested in learning how to meditate?
Are you feeling stressed out, feeling stuck or overwhelmed?
Struggling to manage a chronic health condition? 

Come along to my weekly meditation class at Seed Yoga + Wellness. You will be guided through a short seated practice (no you don't have to sit cross legged!) and a longer lying practice. Each week we explore a different theme and discuss how to take the lessons from our meditation practice into daily life. We explore different types of meditation such as mindfulness based practices, mantra based and visualisation.

Location: Seed Yoga + Wellness - 1A Salisbury Ave, Laburnum Village, Blackburn 3130. From 7.15pm - 8.15pm. All levels welcome. Arrive 5-10 minutes before class.



New Year Revolution workshop, Finley, NSW.

+ Do you tell yourself every December that come January you'll lose weight, get fitter, learn to meditate, start going to bed earlier or give up coffee or alcohol? Sound familiar?
+ Do you have big dreams but difficulty bringing them to life?
+ Are you feeling stuck, like it's Groundhog day and have an inkling that there must be more to life?
+ Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or had a really crappy year and desperately want 2019 to be different

For most people, lasting positive change doesn’t start with an external declaration when the clock ticks over on January 1st, it starts with an internal revolution. It’s time to say goodbye to New Year’s Resolutions and hello to a New Year Revolution!

Join life coach Simone Russell for this 3 hour workshop to kick start your own personal transformation. 

Tap into the magical energy of the New Year, February is the new January right? Take the sacred time and space to reflect, review, align with your values and set soul inspired intentions for the coming year.

In this 3 hour workshop you will:
+ Celebrate your past successes and strengths
+ Explore current beliefs, behaviours and choices that hold you back with curiosity and kindness
+ Understand why New Year's Resolutions don't work and what does
+ Gain clarity on how you want to feel and how you want to show up in the world
+ Set heartfelt intentions and soul inspired goals that align with your core values
+ Map out an action plan to bring your dreams to life
+ Learn simple and effective strategies to help you create healthy habits and manifest your desires
+ Discover how to hold a clear vision of your future whilst staying firmly grounded and content in the present
+ Enjoy a yummy afternoon tea during the workshop while mingling with like-minded souls. 

Expect to leave this workshop feeling inspired, aligned, energised and focused as you step into 2019 with a smile and a spring in your step.

When: Saturday 16th February
Time: 1pm - 4pm 
Where: Finley Pilates & Clinical Myotherapy, 249 Murray St, Finley (enter via back lane) 
Investment: $49 includes a light afternoon tea and a workbook.


Introduction to Mindfulness full day workshop, Finley NSW.

+ Are you ready to find some calm amidst the chaos of daily life?
+ Do you want to be more present with the kids or your family and friends?
+ Feeling stuck, having difficulty switching off or sleeping?
+ Tired of feeling stressed out, burnt out or overwhelmed?

It’s time to step away from your to-do list for the day. Join Simone Russell, Occupational Therapist and Life + Mindfulness Coach for a one-day Introduction to Mindfulness workshop.

Learn how to tame your monkey mind, reconnect with yourself and practise a range of strategies to keep you calm and centred, improve your sleep and your relationships. Expect an insightful and educational day, where we will demystify mindfulness and meditation.

Throughout the day you will explore:

+ How to seamlessly implement mindfulness into your busy day
+ How to establish a simple, consistent meditation practice that doesn't take hours of your day
+ How to respond instead of react to daily ‘triggers’ and better manage your emotions
+ Tips for promoting quality sleep
+ How to live with greater purpose, peace and presence
+ Tips for improving your productivity, focus, communication and relationships

This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking more calm in their day and practical skills to navigate the ups and downs of life. It's particularly helpful for those experiencing stress, worries, anxiety or overwhelm, those feeling disconnected to themselves or lacking confidence.

When: Sunday 17th February
Time: 10am - 4pm
Where: Finley Pilates & Clinical Myotherapy, 249 Murray St, Finley (enter via back lane)
Investment: $99 includes tea, coffee, morning/afternoon tea and a workbook.