Do you...
+ feel like there must be more to life? 
+ have big dreams but no confidence to make them a reality?
+ sense you were put on this earth for a reason but don't know what that reason is yet?

+ feel a disconnect between mind and body?
+ feel like you don't fit in anymore?
+ have trouble switching off your overactive mind?


Are you..
+ stuck in a job that stresses you out or drains you?
+ questioning your relationships with family or friends?
+ feeling burn out, overwhelmed or anxious?
+ on the brink of a breakdown or breakthrough?
+ wondering why am I here and what am I here to do?


Want to breathe deeper, achieve balance AND live life fully?

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I have experienced most, if not ALL of the above and am now carving out the life of my dreams.

It was just over two years ago I was burnt out, stressed out and wondering was that it?
I was asking the Universe 'is this as good as life gets'?
When I looked deeper I knew something (in fact many things) in my life had to change. 
I was the Queen of giving to everybody else but myself.

I had become an expert at putting myself last.

I didn't truly know how to honour my body with the right foods, sleep or exercise.
I certainly wasn't putting into place the stress management techniques I was suggesting to my clients at the time.

Something had to give. And it did.

Through implementing a range of strategies including greater self-love, a more regular meditation and yoga practice as well as cleaning up my diet, I found myself awakening to new possibilities. 

I suddenly felt clearer.

I saw the light that had always existed within me.
I became acutely aware of how much fear had been holding me back from my dreams.

I want you to see the light within you too.

If you're standing at the edge, ready to dive in and take some serious action to change your life - I want to work with you!!

Together we can uncover what is really holding you back and one step at a time I guarantee your life will change in unimaginable ways. 



Hi, I'm Simone.

I'm a life transformation coach, spiritual and self-love mentor.

I'm also an occupational therapist.

I have a passion for guiding gorgeous, soulful, heart-driven women to living happier, healthier lives.

Through my one-on-one coaching programs I work with women (just like you) to help them go from feeling stressed to blessed.

I guide heart-centred women on how to be more loving towards themselves and more aligned to their soul's purpose.

Working with me will help you...
+ master the art of self-love
 + tune into your body
+ reduce your mind chatter
+ clean up your diet
+ (re)discover your passion and purpose
+ raise your vibrations and awaken you to what is possible
+ make decisions with ease
+ achieve your goals with confidence
+ speak your truth without the fear of what others will think


We will achieve this by...
+ reviewing how you fuel and nourish your body
+ introducing simple techniques and daily rituals
+ implementing mindfulness and other meditation techniques
+ clearing negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs and energetic blocks
+ practising simple yet effective techniques that result in lasting change


I will be your...
+ mentor
+ cheerleader
+ accountability coach
+ the (soul)sister you wish you'd always had


Coaching with me is for you if...
+ you're open to delving deeper and looking within
+ you have a sense you already have the answers but need some loving yet honest guidance 
+ you're committed to making positive life changes
+ you're willing to quit making excuses for why you're not living the life of your dreams
+ you're ready to start living from a place of love not fear
+ you're ready to take inspired action and kick procrastination to the curb!


At the end of our time together you will feel...
+ more confident
+ less stressed
+ less anxious
+ clearer and more in touch with your intuition and life purpose
+ more energised and enthusiastic about life!


Read on for more information about my programs...



Supercharged Soul Session

A one-off intensive to break through blocks on a specific health, nutrition, fitness, relationship or work issue and empower you to make decisions with ease. Perfect for a particular short term issue or challenge you are facing. 

- 90 minute 1:1 coaching session via Skype.
- Follow-up email within 24 hours outlining recommendations and resources.

- Access to private Soulful Goals Facebook group.
- Follow-up email one week later.

Investment: $199



Delve Deeper (3 Month Program)

A program designed to more deeply identify what is holding you back, introduce long-term, healthy lifestyle changes, reduce stress and increase your happiness. 

- 6 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions via Skype.

- Follow-up email after each session with a summary and recommendations to action.
- Regular email support during the 3 month program.

- Access to private Soulful Goals Facebook group.
- Bonus resources and strategies throughout the program.

- Soulful gifts to complement your personal transformation and spiritual journey.

Investment: $399 per month (or $997 upfront - save 20%)


Absolute Awakening (6 Month Program) 

A program designed to deepen your spiritual practice, help identify your soul's purpose, fully step into your power and become the best version of yourself. Why six months? Because change takes time and you're worth it!

- 12 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions via Skype.

- Follow-up email after each session with a summary and recommendations to action.
- Regular email support during the 6 month program.
- Access to private Soulful Goals Facebook group.
- Bonus resources and strategies throughout the program.
- Soulful gifts to complement your personal transformation and spiritual journey.

Investment: $399 per month (or $1997 upfront - save 20%)

Unsure about what program is right for you OR whether we would be a good fit?
Book in for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to find out!  

Not sure if working 1:1 with a coach is for you?
Prefer to come along to a group workshop, weekly meditation session or a weekend retreat?
You can find out more about upcoming events here.
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Simone has helped me to work with and control my anxiety. She has supported me in finding small ways to make things easier and guided me to be kinder to myself. I am in such a different place to where I was several months ago. Simone has been such a huge support that I somehow now feel more grounded, self-assured, self-confident and playful. Instead of being a sobbing, exhausted mess at the end of the day, I'm bursting to express myself through art, words and yoga. I'm able to pick myself up after a "fall" and keep going; finding universal lessons in uncomfortable emotions and experiences.

I cannot recommend Simone highly enough. She is lovely through and through and really knows what she's talking about. She is genuine and willing to be vulnerable with you (that's no small thing!) Coaching with Simone has been life-changing for me. I was pretty close to rock-bottom when I started working with Simone, and that changed so quickly after we started working together.

Erica Webb | Yoga Teacher, Artist, Writer | Erica Webb | Melbourne, Australia


Simone is a highly in tune coach, her honest but loving approach is so comforting when going through major life transitions. She provided such valuable insight into some of the core underlying reasons why I may have been anxious and she gave me such beautiful practices to help remind me of my inner beauty everyday and the courage to dream big and tackle the things that my heart and soul were calling out for.

Since coaching with Simone my life has changed immensely. Although I have had many challenges with my health, I have been gentle and patient with myself and allowed my body to heal in its own time. I have also prioritised my self care and released so much fear and enrolled in a Diploma of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine full time. This is something I would never have tackled 12 months ago. Simone's loving coaching certainly helped get me to this place and I am so very grateful for her wonderful guidance.

Jane Hallisey | Kinesiologist in training | Nourish From The Inside Out | Melbourne, Australia 


I feel magic happened Friday. It wasn't so much the words of advice that were spoken, but the eventual energetic healing space you provided. 
I walked away feeling so much closer to my true self. Without thinking too much I was able to call and connect with a friend I had slowly let drift away. Also since then I have done 3 healings (previously none in the last 6 months) and have another 9 lined up.My business name and details have pretty much fallen into place this weekend, and while nothing is secured re website and business name: it is certainly well on its way.

Rebecca Alexander | Melbourne, Australia


I enjoyed the meditation. Simone was great, has a wonderful tone of voice, knowledgable and connects with people well. My favourite part of the retreat was the meditation/healing session but did also enjoy the sessions when just talking about the juices, benefits of juicing.

Deane Palmer | Perth, Australia


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