Hi there,

I am Simone - also known as Mona.

It's no secret. I  yoga. I love savasana (and meditation) possibly even more! I love the way yoga makes me feel, inside and out! It clears my mind, stimulates my creativity, strengthens my muscles, deepens my breathing and improves my posture. When I go regularly enough it evens keeps me calm when caught in traffic or running late! The benefits of yoga last long after I step off the mat. I am a better person for having yoga in my life!

It was over a year ago during savasana at my local yoga studio in Melbourne, Australia, a thought came to me. Why is everyone wearing black, including me!? It got me thinking why wasn't there more creative and colourful yoga wear for a practice that encourages self-actualisation? I wondered why there weren't more options to wear gorgeous colours and creative designs, particularly leggings, to express how I felt? I wanted to wake up and choose something that said a little more about who I was, how I felt and what made me unique. I dreamt of seeing more colour and fun in the yoga studio! 

So Yogamona was born. Yogamona offers bespoke brands including eco friendly yoga wear, soul inspired accessories and jewellery. 

Yogamona is an expression and extension of myself. Yogamona is my first venture away from the safety of my 9-5 job and I can't wait to see where it will take me!




In my day job I'm a registered Occupational Therapist, with extensive experience in the field of neurology, predominantly stroke prevention and recovery. I'm passionate about all things leading to wellness! I believe in full hearts, happy souls, healthy bodies and clear minds.

I'm also a Holistic Health Coach and mentor others to curiously delve into what is holding them back in their own quest for health and happiness. I am pro-healing and anti-illness and believe that we all have the power to lead fulfilling lives. If you are interested in my coaching packages you can check them out here

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Enjoy looking around Yogamona and remember to be kind, love always, laugh often, have fun and express yourself in this amazing journey called life. 

Much love,

Mona ☾ ✩