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Handy hints to develop your home practice (Part 2) March 23 2015, 0 Comments

In the last blog post yoga teacher Karen Buckland offered up her top tips on how to develop (and commit to) a home yoga practice. Because let's face it sometimes we can't get to our favourite studio or have only 20 minutes for yoga and completing a sequence in the comfort of your own home can be extremely therapeutic! I know when I find myself procrastinating or if I come home feeling tight in the shoulders and neck from sitting at a desk all day, rolling out the mat can be the best! Today on the blog I'm going to share the items I couldn't do without for my home yoga practice. To read the full blog post click here.

High tea, high on ideas November 26 2014, 2 Comments

On Saturday I went along to a high tea session hosted by the gorgeous Jade McKenzie of Event Head. It was an intimate afternoon of indulging in club sandwiches, Chandon and plenty of sweet treats while talking all things events (and yes health coaches do indulge on occasions!) Why write a blog post about it? Well for a number of reasons. I'm so glad I decided to snap up the last place for this special session! I came away so inspired, filled to the brim with ideas and high from the collective energy at that table and my mission was achieved. I now feel much clearer about how events may look for Yogamona in 2015. Read the full blog post here.

Motherhood and Following Your Own Path November 16 2014, 0 Comments

I'm not a mother. However, I have many friends, family and colleagues who are. I know how tough it is, stepping in to babysit my gorgeous but energetic nieces and nephew for a mere 24 hours and often wonder how I would survive if I was a mother. I hear on a regular basis how hard it is to make the transition to motherhood unscathed. With high rates of post natal depression, social isolation and the massive change in roles, the transition to motherhood is highly underrated! Mums-to-be frantically read all the self-help books they can get their hands on to prepare for the much anticipated arrival of the bub, only to find that it doesn't quite cut it.

For today's blog I have invited along a very special guest, Yvette Lee-Archer, mother of one and owner of Ella Rinnova to discuss her thoughts and tips on how to survive motherhood. Read the full blog post here.

Are Green Smoothies just a fad? October 31 2014, 1 Comment

I don't know about you but all I seem to see in my Instagram and Facebook feed these days are green smoothies and VERY bendy, gorgeous people in yoga poses! I've dabbled in the green smoothie trend, particularly during a 28-day yoga challenge where I even went out specifically to purchase a blender to make them. I made one almost every day during that month and I have to admit I did feel AMAZING! I really love smoothies particularly in the summer months but find them a little hard to take in winter. I wanted to call on an expert to give her opinion about green smoothies to clarify in my mind once and for all - are they just a fad? Introducing Julie Dargan from Dargan Vitality... Read the full blog post here.

Why I've quit coffee October 25 2014, 2 Comments

Almost three weeks ago now I decided to quit coffee. I love the smell and love the taste but don't really like what happens afterwards to my poor belly! Grumble, grumble then a quick run to the nearest bathroom (sorry for the details).  

I've never been a coffee addict, but what started out as 1-2 coffees over the weekend had become a daily habit. Walking past my favourite coffee shop on the way to work smelling that delicious coffee scent, coupled with the cold winter made it hard not to stop off for my daily coffee. I loved chatting to the baristas and analysing our crazy dreams as my coffee was being created. It also made for a nice excuse to get out of the office to stretch my legs after sitting at my desk all day. Read the full blog post here.

Running from yoga October 11 2014, 4 Comments

In recent weeks, I've been running from yoga. Yep! My beloved yoga has taken a back seat to running. The reason why? I was training for Connor’s Run. A few weekends ago now I ran 9.6km in the annual running event raising much-needed funds for research, care and development into brain tumours. Connor’s Run includes an 18.8km run starting at Sandringham or a 9.6km run starting in St Kilda, both ending with a party at the boat sheds by the Yarra in Melbourne.

I don’t know about you but I was definitely NOT a born runner. I used to run around the block at school as a youngster puffing after 100m and wanting to give up! I used to look at others who seemed to run with ease and wonder how on earth they could hold a conversation while running?! I would run, struggle to chat at the same time and go beetroot red in the face, which would then (and still does) take hours to return to normal. Read the full blog post here.

Yoga to hip-hop music - say what? September 06 2014, 0 Comments

A few weeks ago I went to find out for myself what yoga and hip-hop was all about. 

UPBEATS host a free monthly event and for August the theme was Sweat gets Sexy held at Melbourne's Yoga 213. The purpose of these events is to provide an opportunity for like minded health nuts to get together. In this case - chew the fat, burn some fat and get jiggy doing yoga to hip-hop music. Pretty cool right?
I’d been eyeing off Yoga 213 for some time and wanted to check it out. Not just for the tunes but for the fit out. I loved the feel of the place from what I had seen of pics on social media and also in the press. Sammy Veall, the bright-eyed, young entrepreneur responsible for Yoga 213’s inception was to guide us through a 45 minute Vinyasa style yoga to hip-hop tunes then speak about her journey into the health and fitness industry and how hip-hop got her hooked on yoga. Read the full blog post here.

What happens when a chatterbox has a date with silence August 26 2014, 4 Comments

It was the 2nd of January 2011. I was in a taxi flying through the narrow back streets of Bali at some ungodly hour after midnight, going from Denpasar to Ubud on my way to a yoga retreat.

It wasn’t my first time travelling alone, I’d become used to it over the years after lengthy stints of singledom. It was my first yoga retreat though. I remember sitting in the back seat feeling part anxious, part excited about my 7 days in Ubud. I had been to Bali before, over a decade earlier with 10 girlfriends where the focus was on partying, lazing by the pool, swimming at the beach and shopping. This was to be a very different holiday. 

It felt a little cliché - Eat, Pray, Love style but I didn’t care. I enjoyed Liz Gilbert’s story, her bravery for speaking her truth and listening to the whispers of her heart as she set off soul searching through Italy, India and Indonesia. I had gone to Bali with the intention of bringing in the New Year on a high, setting the year off on the right note. I wanted to treat myself. At this stage the concept of self-love and self-care was still relatively new to me. I was working in the hospital setting at the time, giving on a daily basis to others and this was just the R & R I needed. Read the full blog post here.

The truth about why I do yoga August 16 2014, 0 Comments

Yoga takes me to another place. A happy place! 

After yoga I feel a lightness, like I could float away. As if I haven’t a care in the world. Even on heavier days when I feel as if I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders I feel lighter and more energised. 

Yoga stretches me. It stretches my mind and my body. It challenges me and I like a challenge.

It takes me back to the good old days of warm ups at jazz ballet. Muscles, tendons and deep fascia stretching, slowly lengthening and softening.  

Yoga is my constant teacher. It encourages me not to compare myself to others, even when I’m tempted to look around. Yoga reminds me we're all so different and all on unique journeys. While I may have good general flexibility, particularly in my hamstrings, I have THE puniest triceps you’ve EVER seen! But that is ok. 

Yoga teaches me to slow down. To just breathe. To be more present. Then to breathe some more.

Read the full blog post here.

The Paleo Way or the Highway? August 01 2014, 0 Comments

The week before last, in the midst of packing up and shipping off my very first Yogamona orders to my amazing customers, I went along to Pete Evan’s The Paleo Way tour in Melbourne. If you don’t yet know who Pete Evans is – you will soon enough. Best known as celebrity chef, the other half of the judging duo from My Kitchen Rules alongside Manu Feildel. Also known for preaching the benefits of activated almonds and now Paleo. One thing is sure - he is making waves in the area of wellness and nutrition. Pete is on a mission. 

Read the full blog post here.

Welcome to Yogamona! June 25 2014, 0 Comments

Hi there,

After a number of months of dreaming, planning and a few late nights, Yogamona has finally come to life and I'm so excited! I am inspired by yoga and the powerful effect it has on the mind, body and soul. I am also super inspired by art, design, wellness and the world around me. I hope that Yogamona encapsulates my love of all of these things...  

because LOVE makes the world go round right?

I'll be blogging regularly about all that inspires me...... read more.