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Overcoming sabotage: Guest interview with psychologist Georgie Beames November 25 2016, 0 Comments

I know, I know, it has been a while since I've published a blog post!

For many months, in fact ever since I started my business Yogamona, I've wanted to video interview guest experts across a range of areas such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, personal development, healing/transformation, mind set and spirituality. I guess a little old self-sabotage of my own has been holding me back from just doing it! I've made excuses about not knowing what technology to use, postponed interview dates, couldn't decide who to interview, you name it I've pulled out every sabotage trick in the book! So it seems divinely orchestrated that my very first guest video interview is on the very topic of sabotage. A topic that comes up frequently with my coaching clients and for me personally as well.

For this very first guest video interview I have Georgie Beames, a psychologist who works exclusively with women around emotional eating and food in her private practice and via her highly regarded online programs. Sabotage is a common area that Georgie identifies holding women back in relation to finding food freedom. In fact we both agree that sabotage holds people back from freedom full stop. Whether you have challenges with food, your weight, emotional eating or simply want to understand more about self-sabotage you will absolutely love this interview.

We cover:

+ What is sabotage

+ How sabotage shows up and what it's really about

+ How to identify your saboteur/s

+ What to do to overcome it

If you would like to sign up to Georgie's next free 5 day Food Freedom Challenge which kicks off in January 2018 sign up here.

You can also read more about Georgie and her work around emotional eating and finding food freedom at

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Want to find out more about how to overcome sneaky sabotage? I have a full module on this topic in my Soulful Goals Online Program. Find out more here.

The one thing holding you back May 15 2016, 0 Comments

I work with women who are seeking more. Not in a "I'll never be happy" kind of way but in an intuitive way. They hear a little voice inside, underneath the crap our ego feeds us that we are stuck with our lot in life, a voice that whispers "come in this direction, there is another way." Perhaps this is you? These women seek a different life, a happier life for themselves. Perhaps less stress, less overwhelm, less anxiety. More calm, deep inner peace, ease, flow, more soul, connection, presence, a greater purpose, more joy and passion. 

I understand. I totally get this. I've been there before. I know that voice all too well, the one that says there is something else, there is more out there, I am capable of more. The inner voice, the knowing inside that believes in magic and the limitless opportunities in life that open up once we are ready to believe and receive. That voice has become my friend, it continues to guide me on my journey. To read the full blog post click here.

The art of saying no April 01 2016, 0 Comments


Setting boundaries and learning to say no is a huge topic! It's something that I'm fascinated by and has been coming up for me for sometime. I used to be a serial 'good girl' which equated to being a 'yes girl' and a 'put-myself-last-girl.' I used to take pride in my ability to do it all! But my inability to say no has led me to serious burnout on a number of occasions. Leaving me wondering when will I ever learn? While I'm much better than I have been in the past I still revert back to old ways at times and need to keep myself in check. To read the full blog post click here.

What I want for you in 2016 January 01 2016, 0 Comments


Happy New Year! As we enter the first day of 2016, I feel inspired, full of hope and possibility. How about you? Perhaps you're not feeling this way at all. Regardless of how you're feeling and whether you like it or not, there is so much talk of New Year's resolutions and goals at this time. We can easily get into thinking we aren't enough, didn't achieve enough and need to be someone or do something totally different to make the new year better. Or worse still, if you're feeling in a funk and everyone else is all up beat and excited, it can only make you feel worse. Start where you are. Sit with whatever you're feeling today. But know this.

This is what I want for you this year…

Less stress. Less overwhelm. Less anxiety. Less worry.

Less exhaustion. Less burnout. Fewer meltdowns.

Less numbing of emotions, mindless boozing and T. V.

Less procrastinating. Less self-doubt. Less self-sabotage. 

Read the full blog post here.

How to utilise the energy of the New Year December 13 2015, 0 Comments


I absolutely LOVE this time of year, the festive season vibes, the promises and excitement of a new year ahead.  Time to hit reset. Clear the slate. Start fresh. Take the valuable lessons from the current year and let go of anything that no longer serves you. The year's end is the perfect time to take a moment to stop and reflect on the year that has been. The highs, the lows and everything in between! Setting sacred time aside to consider and celebrate your achievements is so important. Spending time dreaming, visualising and planning the next twelve months is equally as important to ensure you have a road map to get where you wish to go. To read the full blog post click here.

Can procrastination be a form of intuition? June 26 2015, 0 Comments

As most of you will know if you follow me on social media or read my blog, I'm a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map. At the start of the year I ordered her Truth Bomb card deck, which is AMAZING! When it arrived I decided to pull a card out to place on my desk.

The card I pulled got me thinking.

The first reason this card got me so intrigued was that starting my own business has really shone a light on my procrastination habits. I've analysed the why I procrastinate, where it might come from, what is behind it and ways to overcome it until the cows have come home! I'm at peace with the fact that I still procrastinate much more than I would like. I realise it's a deeply ingrained habit that will take time and patience to re-wire and change. I'm ok with that. Acceptance and compassion have become my friends when it comes to my procrastination habits. Read the full blog post here.