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The power of a full moon ritual May 21 2016, 0 Comments



Whether you believe in the powerful energy of the full moon or not, using this time as an opportunity to stop and reflect can be extremely potent. I'm a moon gazer, I've always been captivated by her beauty, it's hard not to be drawn to her hanging up there illuminating the night sky. 

Whether it's the period of retrograde or this impending Sagittarius full moon, boy have I been out of sorts this week! My laptop packed it in, my wifi was on the blink and I've been super emotional and easily triggered. All of my doubts and limiting beliefs have come creeping back in to say hello, calling me to take notice. I've been questioning am I enough, how will I get everything done, why is this happening, should I just give up? I noticed myself mid week slipping into victim mode and having a full-on pity party. Read the full blog post here.