7 Tips To Meditate Consistently April 19 2018, 0 Comments

It’s no secret I’m a MASSIVE fan of mindfulness and meditation. It has completely changed my life! Do I need to tout some of the many benefits? Improved memory, concentration, productivity and immune function, as well as reduced blood pressure, inflammation, pain, signs of ageing (my favourite), depression, anxiety and stress.   

In this quick video and blog post I challenge some common expert recommendations and bust some myths or 'how to's' that might be keeping you from starting or maintaining a consistent meditation practice. Some of them go against everything you may have been told.

 You DON'T have to meditate at the same time everyday. 

While it can help many people to establish a routine, meditating at the same time everyday doesn't work for everyone. If one day you meditate in the morning, fabulous. If the next day it's before bed, that is absolutely ok. The main thing is checking in each day and blocking out some time in your diary in advance. If you miss your morning practice, it doesn't mean you can't meditate after work or before bed!

 You DON'T have to meditate in the same place.

You can meditate sitting in your lounge chair one day and on the train the next. One day you might meditate outside in your garden or the local park while the next evening you meditate in your bed before you go to sleep. Let the rule book go and meditate wherever you desire! If you like the ritual of meditating in a cosy corner or meditation nook, fabulous BUT if you are short on space DON'T let this deter you from starting your practice.

 You DON'T have to sit in lotus pose.

You can sit with your legs out in front of you, with your back up against the wall or you can sit in a chair. You can also lie down, although there is a risk in the early days or if tired you may drift off to sleep, which is completely ok too if you're using meditating to help you get some zzzz's. There are also other seated poses like kneeling over a bolster that can be very comfortable. I always encourage people to try a few different positions to find their favourite.

 You DON'T have to spend an hour meditating, 10 minutes is perfectly fine.

Research has shown the positive effects of just 10 minutes of meditation per day. Even 5 minutes a day to connect with your breath and the present moment, move out of your monkey mind and into your body can reduce overwhelm. Do not underestimate the power of a short meditation practice.

 If you have time to spend on social media, you have time to meditate!

I see and hear of so many people spending huge amounts of time on social media. It's so easy to start off innocently checking Facebook for the day and an hour later realise you've been distracted snooping into some long lost boyfriend's life or going from some random blog post to the next. I too can get caught in the addictive 'scroll' before bed or when I'm procrastinating. Notice when you're mindlessly scrolling and close the app on your phone and open your meditation app or switch the phone off altogether for a social media mini detox!

 Make your meditation practice work for you and your lifestyle.

This is essential to having a consistent practice. Don't be afraid to go against the rule books. Yes it can help to have a routine. Yes it is suggested that the most effective time to meditate is on waking. BUT... if you're not consistently meditating because you can't quite master the same time, same place biz then make it work for you.

Meditating anytime of the day is better than not meditating.

Meditating sitting one day, lying the next is better than not meditating at all. 

 DON'T place too many restrictions on how it ‘should’ look or you’ll find many excuses why you CAN'T do it. 

In my opinion we can get too caught up in our wellbeing rituals being too complex or 'by the book.' There doesn't leave much room for fun or flexibility. The path of least resistance is usually the best. If you're not someone who thrives on routine and instead thrive on having balance and flexibility, make your practice work for you.

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Already meditating? I’d love to know are you a same time, same place kinda person or do you allow or prefer more flexibility? 

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