5 Simple Steps To Overcome Overwhelm February 28 2018, 0 Comments


Overwhelm is NOT your natural state of being...

We've all been there though right? It's not a nice place. Everything is going along great, but slowly in the background you feel it building up. That old familiar feeling. Ick.

So what do we do about it?

Here are some tips:

 1. Pause. 
Switch off the autopilot button. And no that doesn't mean you need to sit in lotus but take time out to 'be' and check in. Notice what thoughts and feelings are coming up without judging or analysing them.

2. Breathe.
Take a few deep belly breaths. Feel the flow of air as it moves in and out of your nose and lungs. Bring your awareness to the expansion and contraction with each breath. Place one hand over your heart space and one hand over your tummy. Feel the rise and fall of the breath. Move out of your head and tune into your body. Come into the present moment.

 3. Meditate.
Pop on your favourite meditation track or spend 5-10 minutes free styling if you have your own practice. If your kind of meditation is absorbing yourself in art or the outdoors then go get creative or get out in nature!

Sometimes this can be enough to shift it. BUT If you're still feeling overwhelmed at this point...

 4. Write it out.
Write down what you feel overwhelmed about. Is it too much to do, too little time? Taking on too much, overcommitting? Saying yes to things when you mean no? People pleasing? Stress over a deadline? Write it all down, stream of consciousness style or dot point. Whatever helps you gain clarity and get it out of your head.

 5. Prioritise. 
Cross off anything that DOES NOT have to be done today. Delegate what you can. Chunk it down into bite sized, digestible pieces. Lighten your load. Get some perspective. If that means cancelling plans, rescheduling an appointment, doing your groceries another day, saying NO, then DO IT! Clear your calendar and your mind. Sometimes it’s also about doing what needs to get done today to reduce the overwhelm! Ticking one thing, or something (anything) off your list. 'Doing' in order to make you feel better. Celebrate those small steps.

Know that life will happen despite the overwhelm. Assignments get finished, job applications are sent off, our to do list slowly gets done (as do the dishes eventually . Being in a state of overwhelm is a sign something needs addressing. Something has triggered our fight or flight stress response.

It doesn't have to be this way. I get it. I've totally been there. But I've also been able to shift it using the above steps. They work!

So slow down, re-evaluate. Keep checking in. What isn't in alignment? What needs adjusting in our diary or to-do-list? Is there a need for more 'being' and less 'doing'?

Or perhaps there is no problem? Perhaps our monkey mind is trying to make a mountain over a molehill?

I would love to know your thoughts.


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