5 Steps to Find Your Shine! September 03 2015, 0 Comments

A few weeks ago my gorgeous friend Chara Caruthers from Bliss, Body and Soul and I ran a 5-day challenge called Find Your Shine. It was so much fun! We absolutely loved everyone's insights, beautiful pictures and the engagement online. For those who missed out on the challenge or if like me, you're coming out of a long, cold hibernation period where energy has been low - read on to get a glimpse of our top tips for finding your shine! You might want to grab your journal and a pen to write down the questions and spend some time answering them.

We believe the key to finding your shine starts with KNOWING and LOVING yourself.


Let's get started!


In order to evolve, grow and follow our bliss we need self-awareness. It is the first step! If we don't have self-awareness, how do we know what to change in order to grow, evolve and experience greater happiness? So...

Who are you, really?
What holds you back?
What makes you come alive?
What motivates and depletes you?
Who are you in this season, in this moment, in this time of your life…? 


+ Get a friend to write a list of 10-15 of your greatest attributes, what makes you special and unique on separate pieces of paper or notes. What makes you, you! Get them to be specific and give examples.

Each day pick out a note to read to help you get to know yourself as others see you, rather than from the grey coloured glasses of your own lens.


Self-love is one of my favourite topics. I believe self-love is at the heart of our happiness. In fact I believe this so deeply that I'm speaking on the very topic at an upcoming Beautiful Business Inspiration Day in November. You can check out more details on that here.

It all begins with you.

What does your self-love look like?
What does it mean to move toward your bliss?
How do you love and care for yourself?
What simple daily acts of self-love do you embrace in order to feel blissful in your mind, body and life?


+ Ask yourself (multiple times a day if you need to!) "What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?" Then go do it. Again and again. Have a fight with your bestie? Ask yourself that question. Stay back late at work and find yourself getting stressed, frustrated and angry? Ask yourself that question. What you need in that moment might change but keep asking and listening to the first response that comes. Do you need a massage, a drink of water, a cup of tea, a chat with your mum, a sleep in? 

Love yourself right up, starting now!!


In the busy world we live in, we are absorbing so many things. More noise, pollution, endless stimuli, 24 hour social media, thoughts, feelings, to-do lists. We need to be mindful of what we put into our bodies, our energy fields and what really nourishes us.

We need to be aware of our soul food.

What feeds your soul?
What are the meals, relationships, ideas, emotions and experiences that inspire and feed your greatness today and everyday?


+ Ask yourself how it is you want to feel? Is it relaxed, calm, peaceful, creative? For a week try to check in with your Core Desired Feelings to ensure you're nourishing yourself with experiences, relationships, activities that are aligned with how you want to feel. Keep checking in with yourself and asking how is it that I want to feel?

How is this (*insert experience, relationship, stimuli) making me feel?


In this busy world we live in, we are constantly switched "on," with very little down time or time to stop and reflect. It is so easy to get run down and burnt out.

So how do we re-fuel with the seemingly never ending demands on our time?

How do you return to your centre?
You put so much amazing energy out into the world… What is your secret for maintaining your spark?
How do you refuel your fire and renew your spirit everyday?
How do you fill up your tank?


+ Take 5-10 minutes every day to meditate or practice mindfulness. Whether that is lying down in bed and listening to a meditation app, sitting in silence for five minutes, taking ten deep breaths or watching the waves roll in at the beach.

Commit to a daily practice and experience the amazing benefits!


It is so important in the process of connecting with our true selves that we have a voice, an outlet, a way of expressing ourselves. When we don't we see issues with our throat and solar plexus chakra. Frustration, anger, confusion or even withdrawal might set in. We all have a unique voice, story and opinion.

How do you show up in the world?
How does it feel to walk, talk and live your truth?
What does it mean to fearlessly explore your authentic self?
What does it look like?
How do you express yourself?
Is it through your voice, dancing, teaching, writing, art, music?


+ Think back to when you were a child and what you loved doing. Was it painting, writing, sewing, drawing, dancing, debating, playing a musical instrument or singing? What did you love doing that you may have neglected or that fear has since stopped you doing?

Write a list and make a plan to go do those things again! 


Do you have one step you need to work on more than others? Do you have your own tips you'd like to share? I'd love you to comment below!

If you didn't join the challenge or the live webinar, I certainly hope you've enjoyed this blog post! If you would like to watch the webinar where Chara and I go into greater detail and share all of our top secrets on how to shine your unique light in the world sign up here.




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