Can procrastination be a form of intuition? June 26 2015, 0 Comments

As most of you will know if you follow me on social media or read my blog, I'm a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map. At the start of the year I ordered her Truth Bomb card deck, which is AMAZING! When it arrived I decided to pull a card out to place on my desk.

The card I pulled got me thinking.

"Procrastination can be a form of intuition"

The first reason this card got me so intrigued was that starting my own business has really shone a light on my procrastination habits. I've analysed the why I procrastinate, where it might come from, what is behind it and ways to overcome it until the cows have come home! I'm at peace with the fact that I still procrastinate much more than I would like. I realise it's a deeply ingrained habit that will take time and patience to re-wire and change. I'm ok with that. Acceptance and compassion have become my friends when it comes to my procrastination habits. 

The other reason was it also contained the word intuition. A word I'm very fond of, in fact it could be up there as one of my favourite words. This card really stumped me though. Could procrastination really be a form of intuition? I'd always seen procrastination as the enemy, the devil stopping me in my tracks from success. Procrastination to me was always about self-sabotage or fear. Fear of putting myself out there by hitting publish on a blog post, fear of what others would think of me, fear of success and if I could actually make my business profitable and so on. I couldn't really think of a solid example where procrastination was in fact a form of intuition. I questioned whether it was an excuse not to take action.

Until last week.

One of my beautiful coaching clients messaged me that her car had broken down, requesting whether we could postpone our session a day. One of the accountability tasks we had discussed from our previous session was to put her car up on Car Sales prior to our next session. My client had taken the photos, placed a "for sale" sign on the actual car and was due to publish ad that very day. But something held her back. Something that had been tugging at her for some time. A feeling, a hunch that something was going to happen to her car. Low and behold it did! I had to run and get my Truth Bomb card to show her! The card must've been for her. We laughed as the meaning of this card started to really sink in. Perhaps the selling of her car came with some fear and procrastination but underneath it there was her intuition guiding her to hold off. After a new alternator it might be a better time to sell!

Then the funniest thing happened.

Just as I was settled on this card being more about my client than me, another example revealed itself. I signed up at the start of the year, guided by my intuition, to become a Desire Map licensee. To be able to run Desire Map workshops. I've since had a number of requests for workshops, yet I've only run one pilot workshop back in January. I started thinking I really must go ahead and book in dates for a workshop and a retreat. But still nothing. I've looked at weekend retreat venues, tentatively booked a space for a day workshop. I started to think I was procrastinating. Was fear or self-sabotage holding me back again?

Then a few weeks ago I saw a Facebook post about a Desire Map Workshop in Adelaide with the incredible L'Erin Alta from the US. A light was ignited in me. My intuition told me I must reach out and go to this workshop. A few emails later and I was booked in! I'm so excited to be assisting L'Erin at her final Level 1 and 2 Desire Map Workshop in Australia, which forms part of her worldwide tour. Just like magic, the card made sense (even more so because it was a card by Danielle LaPorte who is the genius behind the Desire Map).

L'Erin is a magical healer and a shining light. I realised it wasn't procrastination stopping me from launching my own workshops. It was intuition guiding me. "Wait, wait. Go and participate in a Desire Map Workshop yourself first. Learn from a master, a Priestess as she has been called! Absorb all that you can in that process of completing the 3-day workshop yourself first. Then plan your own. Practice what you preach. Prepare and then deliver amazing workshops of your own."

So with a smile on my face, I placed the Truth Bomb back up on my desk this week. I finally get it. Procrastination CAN be a form of intuition. Abso-lutely!

For any Desire Map fans out there, this is an incredible opportunity to be in the presence of such an amazing healer, teacher and facilitator. L'Erin has over 15 years experience in leading sacred women's circles and facilitating deep transformation and healing. The workshop is next weekend in Adelaide with Level 1 on Friday 3rd July from 2-6pm, Saturday 4th from 10-6pm and Level 2 on Sunday 5th from 10-6pm. It's going to be life changing for me to go over my own Core Desired Feelings and I can't wait to share the experience with you and book in my own workshops later in the year.

*For my extra special community L'Erin is kindly offering $100USD off the price of the full 3-day workshop. There is also an extremely flexible payment plan. Don't let money worries prevent you from attending this life changing weekend. If you too are feeling a tug at your heart, a soul calling to join us please listen to the calling and head across to SisterFire for more details. You can also email me or L'Erin on if you have any questions.

As an additional bonus if you decide to join us, I'm offering anyone who mentions Yogamona to L'Erin on booking a 60 minute follow-up coaching session.

Why wait to start living the life of your deepest desires? Let your intuition guide you!


I find this idea of procrastination sometimes being disguised as intuition fascinating and look forward to reflecting more on when my procrastination may in fact be my intuition guiding me.

Have you ever sensed your procrastination was actually intuition? If you have a story to share, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. This topic generated quite a bit of discussion over on Instagram the other day!