Handy hints to develop your home practice (Part 2) March 23 2015, 0 Comments

In the last blog post yoga teacher Karen Buckland offered up her top tips on how to develop (and commit to) a home yoga practice. Because let's face it sometimes we can't get to our favourite studio or have only 20 minutes for yoga and completing a sequence in the comfort of your own home can be extremely therapeutic! I know when I find myself procrastinating or if I come home feeling tight in the shoulders and neck from sitting at a desk all day, rolling out the mat can be the best! Today on the blog I'm going to share the items I couldn't do without for my home yoga practice.

1. A decent yoga mat
While a yoga mat isn't essential, it is highly advisable to stop you from sliding and slipping and to prevent carpet burn (ouch!) or soften any hard wooden or cement flooring at home. The Mukti mat has a reversible feature to complement both a stable, sweaty vinyasa practice and a more nurturing restorative practice. Mukti Mats are manufactured under ethical workplace standards – completely sweatshop free!! This beauty is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, jute and cotton. Buy now for $79. It also includes a super handy yoga mat carrier strap, perfect for transporting your mat from home to your yoga studio.

2. A yoga strap
For both the not-so-flexi as well as the bendy-Wendys, a strap can be a very useful accessory to yoga. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Stretch Now organic cotton yoga strap makes difficult poses more accessible for everyone. The straps help you grasp limbs and deepen stretches so you really feel them. Unique easy-release buckle holds strap securely in place. The organic cotton used in the straps is grown without the use of chemicals. Particularly useful if you have tight shoulders and hamstrings. Buy now for $12.50.

3. A bolster.
Bolsters are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to support your yoga practice, particularly for more restorative poses. They can also be used in meditation or while lying around watching TV. I use mine to meditate by either kneeling over it or placing it underneath my knees while lying on my back in supine. Filled with organic cotton and covered with a zippered and washable 100% organic cotton cover, these bolsters are fast becoming a best seller and are the ultimate investment for self-care. Buy now for $60.

4. A block.
You may be thinking, why would I need a block for my home practice? These blocks are made from bamboo, a sustainable natural resource, which provides strength and stability. Its natural look and feel can help provide the sense of peace and tranquillity required for your yoga practice while helping protect our environment. The most useful ways I use a block at home is for progressing half-moon pose and also to support me in splits. Buy now for $15.


5. An iPad/tablet, laptop or TV. 
Unless you feel confident to just flow and move your body intuitively, having guidance, particularly as a beginner will help you stay motivated and teach you more about correct alignment. There are a number of fantastic yoga classes now available online. Some of my favourites (which offer free trial periods and/or some free sample classes as well as paid subscriptions) include YogaGlo, Ekhart YogaGaiam TV, MyYogaWorks, and The Yoga Collective. I will be reviewing a few of the online classes available in the coming weeks and months on the blog.

So are you ready to get started then? Even if you are a totally newbie to yoga and don't have any of the above accessories, lay down a towel, pop on a free video for beginners and spend 10 minutes moving your body and breathing. It will do you the world of good!  

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