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It's mid January. The New Year. 2015. Predicted by some to be a very prosperous, abundant year where the hard work of previous years comes into fruition. In part three of this blog series I want to introduce you to an incredible ideology that will underpin your goal setting and resolutions for the year. It flips the idea of goal setting and resolutions on its head. It's real. Raw. It's a humanised way of looking at intention setting in a different light. It makes so much sense. I believe it also sheds a whole lotta light on why 92% of us don't achieve our New Year's resolutions. So who is the creator?

Enter Danielle LaPorte.

Danielle LaPorte is an author, motivational speaker, soulpreneur and creative.

So what exactly is this life changing concept?

Enter The Desire Map.

In my opinion, Danielle's most innovative work to date.

"You're not chasing the goal, you're chasing a feeling you hope reaching the goal will give you."

Goals with Soul : The New Desire Map Trailer from Danielle LaPorte on Vimeo

Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map has changed my life. I stumbled across it over a year ago and it has revolutionised my way of thinking about my life and my goals. Danielle is genius. I was fortunate enough to hear her speak at Clare Bowditch's Big Hearted Business (un) conference last year and even got to meet her in the flesh! Enough of my girl crush on Danielle though. 

So what is Desire Mapping???

It's a game changer. 



Desire Mapping is a soulful way of thinking, a holistic ideology based around our feelings. It's about being crystal clear on how we long to feel and what we desire before writing our to-do lists, goals and bucket lists.

The Desire Map encourages us to dig deep. Go within. Consider what lights us up and also brings us down. The Desire Map is the bridge between our goals and our soul. It's a road map for life. It's a friendly reminder to check in daily to see if our actions towards goal achievement are in alignment with our desires.

Why Desire Map?

Inner clarity = outer action.
Desired feelings = liberated energy.
It's a framework that is "fluid, compassionate, motivating and in alignment with your truest desires."
It brings "deeper meaning but without compromising prosperity.
More love and less judgement." 

I've worked with hundreds if not thousands of patients in my time as an occupational therapist and I only wish I knew about Desire Mapping back then! It would have changed the way I practised and the way I was living my life. So often we set goals based on the anticipation of what the achievement of that goal will bring... getting that pay rise, getting married, having kids, quitting smoking, getting to bed earlier. How many of you have set a goal, perhaps like loosing 10 kg or saving up to buy a house and achieved your goal only to feel empty inside? Unsatisfied? Hungry or still longing for more? But what about the journey to achieving that goal, doesn't that count for something? With the Desire Map, it's all about the journey. 

The Desire Map isn't fancy or quantifiable but it is REAL life. It is authentic and it's about our feelings. Feelings that are so often swept under the carpet, put in the spare room or tucked away for a rainy day. Feelings are what drive us, what inspire us, what we are made of at our very core. A key component of the Desire Map are Core Desired Feelings. 

So what are Core Desired Feelings (CDFs)?

They are your light house. Shining bright. Guiding you. Bringing you into the shore. Bringing you home. Your choice. Your feelings. Your life. Your design.

My CDFs are:

"Behind every desire there is a feeling and your feelings will lead you to your soul."

My CDFs may change or I may stick with these for the next five years! There are no rules, no restrictions. Set two or five. Wake up everyday and ask "how do I want to feel today?" "Does this ........ (insert action or behaviour) align with my core desired feeling of connection?" If it does, great. If it doesn't, it's time to re-evaluate what you're doing.

So how do you want to feel in 2015? The start of the year is such a juicy time to reflect on how you want to feel and start taking inspired action.

The Desire Map is a bespoke roadmap to goal setting and resolutions. You can still build in your intentions, checking in with your Core Desired Feelings every step of the way. When you get clear on how you really want to feel you suddenly become empowered to take charge of your life and your own happiness. You stop looking externally and look within to fuel that fire of passion, desire and joy in your heart.

With extensive experience in goal setting for many years as a health professional, I'm incredibly excited to announce that I'm an official Desire Map Licensee and will be offering a range of in-person Desire Map workshops and retreats throughout the year. Whether you're new to the Desire Map or an old hand at setting CDFs, if you're interested in Desire Map workshops sign up to be notified of upcoming dates.

You can purchase your own copy of the Desire Map (the best book and goal setting tool ever!) by clicking on the images below and you will be re-directed to Danielle LaPorte's website. 


Already have a copy of the Desire Map? If so what are your CDFs? I want to know! Share them below to inspire others to set goals with souls. I can't wait to meet you at my workshops. I will also be incorporating Desire Mapping into my coaching so if you prefer working 1:1 please see my coaching programs

Here is another fantastic resource if you're someone who needs a daily guide to ensure you stay on track with your intentions for the New Year. 

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If you have any questions about the Desire Map, the upcoming workshops or the Soulful Goals challenge, don't hesitate to email simone@yogamona.com.au. Or if you're interested in purchasing a Desire Map License so you can run your very own workshops please click below!




*I receive an affiliate commission for Danielle LaPorte's products purchased through Yogamona. I don't believe in recommending anything I can't put my hand on my heart and say is amazing. I've got my own Desire Map which I couldn't put down and have also purchased the Desire Map for friends because of my wholehearted belief in it. I dig the Desire Map and know you will too. xx