Do you suck at sticking to New Year's resolutions? (Part 2) January 06 2015, 2 Comments

I'm sitting here wearing next to nothing as it's so hot in Melbourne today. I'm in flow so I'm going to keep writing in what will become a three part blog series. Given 2015 is now in full swing I got to thinking while blogging about resolutions what are my goals, intentions and resolutions for this new year? I better heed my own advice and make them obvious and known (remember it helps with accountability). I also started to think more about how meaningful my goals are and how passionate I am about making them more than just resolutions, but part of my life. My theory is the more meaningful something is to you the more likely you are to achieve it. This was something that was also ingrained in me in my studies as an occupational therapist. Participation in meaningful activities has been proven to lead to better health outcomes.

Here are some of my resolutions for 2015! (There are many other smaller ones but these are the ones that came to me immediately!)

+ Be more conscious of the environment.

+ Be more mindful of where and how I spend my money.

+ Step outside of my comfort zone and extend myself both professionally and personally.

+ Meditate daily, even if it's only five minutes.

+ Complete teacher training in yoga and/or meditation. 

+ Keep giving back.

When thinking about these intentions I really started thinking about the how as well as the why. HOW am I actually going to achieve these resolutions? WHY are they meaningful or important to me? Knowing what the action steps are towards achieving your resolutions is essential. The why will also be covered a little more in the third part of this blog post series where I'll be introducing the concept of goal setting using Core Desired Feelings (enter Danielle LaPorte and The Desire Map). 

So to recap (don’t mind me, just thinking out loud - hopefully it helps you think through your own resolutions).

Be more conscious of the environment. 

Why? (Why does this goal exist and where does the desire to achieve it originate from?)

Because I believe we're slowly but surely killing ourselves as well as Mother Earth. From the toxins in the environment to the ones we put on our skin and the chemically sprayed or highly processed food we've been brainwashed to eat. Waste and consumerism is at an all time high, just think of the leftover food in households, cafes and restaurants and the number of mobile phones in the world alone. I just pulled out a whole heap of nasty takeaway containers from my cupboard in my New Year de-clutter. There must be a better way for us and our environment. Then there is also the animals.

How? (What are the ways or actions that can be taken to help achieve this resolution?)

For a start I've bought an indoor compost bin. I’ve wanted one for ages as I hate wasting scraps. I live in an apartment so it’s trickier to keep my scraps and then take them somewhere to dump. I can now use the compost from the bin to feed the plants on my balcony and tip the liquid in the drains to clean them out. How cool is that! I can even put cheese in the compost bin. I will let you know how it goes! There is a guarantee on the box that it won’t stink my place out! Let's see if it lives up to the claim ;-)

I’ve also made a commitment to reduce my use of plastic bags and take away containers. I'm pretty mindful already and try to leave recycled shopping bags in the boot of my car but my cupboard still ends up with a whole bagful of plastic bags every few months. 

I will continue to take my glass and aluminium water bottles everywhere I go. I was given a custom made glass Keep Cup in the Yogamona colours for Christmas too so that will solve the take away coffee cup dilemma! I'm in the process of changing over all of my toiletries and cleaning products to more organic, chemical-free options. Yes! Think herbal toothpaste, crystal deodorant and bi-carb for cleaning!

I will continue to sell teeki leggings through Yogamona as they're made from recycled water bottles in the attempt to reduce landfill! The process also uses less energy than to produce standard polyester. Pretty groovy huh? If you want to read more about the process you can do so here

Be more mindful of where and how I spend my money.


Because where energy flows, energy goes and an exchange of money is an exchange of energy. It's a reflection of me. As I grow older and wiser, I’m more mindful of where my money is going and what it’s supporting, in particular fair trade but also small independent businesses or larger ones that give back. I used to shop like no tomorrow once upon a time, thinking it would somehow make me feel better about myself or happier. This resolution is something I've been working on for a while now. It's probably one of the toughest to stay committed to on the list for me.


I'll continue to shop local where I can. There are so many beautiful, unique products made or sold by independent small business owners and soul centred entrepreneurs. I managed to avoid the large shopping centres this Christmas by supporting as many small businesses as possible. I will do the same this year.

I’m also attempting to integrate one of the yoga sutras of non-attachment into my life by wanting for less, having gratitude for what I have and letting go of material possessions. I’ve started this one off well by having a massive de-clutter and donating many of my things to charity. I'm still going too! It feels good to pare it back. I hope to keep this up and continually simplify my life throughout the year.

Step outside of my comfort zone and extend myself both professionally and personally.


Because change and challenges = growth and being the best version of myself. I'm a rare and somewhat weird creature who embraces change! I've never been in the same job more than 3.5 years. I left my traditional hospital job over 18 months ago to be a PA for a restaurateur, the role didn't work out but it led me to where I am now. I'm thankful for stepping up and listening to that whisper that was getting louder to leave the hospital system, where I felt limited, burnt out and trapped. 


To keep pushing through fear and self-doubt about whether I am good enough, smart enough, competent enough to build my own business. Continue to do new things, read and educate myself more. Experiential learning - another concept I learned in my occupational therapy studies. Living and learning by doing. Making mistakes, then reflecting and learning from them.

Some things on my list within this resolution are: run my first online e-course, take self-love workshops and meditation classes. I’ve said yes to participating in the Beautiful Business Mastermind with Julie Parker, CEO and founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Jade McKenzie, director of Event Head. This will ensure I’m continuing to challenge myself while being held accountable. I can't wait for it to start!

Meditate daily, even if it's only five minutes.


Meditation is my happy place. It brings me clarity, inner peace and increases my intuition and flow in life. It's an instant de-stressor. Why wouldn't I want to keep practising it? Many successful entrepreneurs credit meditation to their success and I can see why. For those who aren't meditating I would ask yourself what are you waiting for?! If you want help on where to start book a Power Hour coaching session with me and I can talk you through the benefits, the different types and provide some of my favourite resources.


Every morning and/or night take 10-20 minutes for stillness. Be it lying in bed holding my crystals before sleep time, listening to a chakra cleanse meditation on YouTube or listening to the HeadSpace app on the tram on the way to work. I'm not placing too many rules around this. If I'm practising yoga and savasana is my only meditation for the day, that is also ok. Along with meditation, I include mindfulness. I want to keep integrating the practice of mindfulness into everything that I do; eating, walking, talking, being.

Complete teacher training in yoga and/or meditation.


Because I love the principles of yoga and want to learn more, more, more! If you've been reading my blog I think you might know how I feel about meditation by now as well! I also love to teach and sharing yoga and/or meditation would be an absolute gift.


I’m investigating a range of courses from yin, vinyasa and prenatal. I just need to trust my intuition on the right course for me right now then book! There are so many reputable courses and countries to study! I also want to keep learning through my own practice and by reading books, practising online classes and going to classes with some of my favourite teachers.

Keep giving back.


Because it feels good. It feels like deep, soul stirring work. It gives me purpose to be of service and help others. It creates a ripple effect of positivity.


I want to put a plan in place to start donating to causes through Yogamona in 2015. I have two ideas in mind already that are very dear to me. I also want to keep providing quality content, products and services to the Yogamona tribe! I would love to host some events or challenges that raise money for these causes. Watch this space.

Phew! That was long but boy does it make things clearer to get them out. If you haven't read Part 1 of this series and picked up some pointers on how not to suck at setting intentions and achieving your goals this year, you may like to go back and do that now.

Still with me? Now it’s your turn. Comment below, have you set resolutions or intentions this year?

What are they?

What are your tips?

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