Why I've quit coffee October 25 2014, 2 Comments

Almost three weeks ago now I decided to quit coffee. I love the smell and the taste but don't really like what happens afterwards to my poor belly! Grumble, grumble then a quick run soon after to the nearest bathroom (sorry for the details). I don't get palpitations or any real high from coffee, it just doesn't make me feel amazing afterwards.   

I've never been a coffee addict, but what started out as 1-2 coffees over the weekend had become a daily habit. Walking past my favourite coffee shop on the way to work smelling that delicious coffee scent, coupled with the cold winter made it hard not to stop off for my daily coffee. I loved chatting to the baristas and analysing our crazy dreams as my coffee was being created. It also made for a nice excuse to get out of the office to stretch my legs after sitting at my desk all day.

I'd been toying with the idea of going cold turkey on coffee but hadn't quite been able to bring myself to do it. In Melbourne, not drinking coffee is possibly a cardinal sin! Coffee drinking is richly ingrained in our culture. With so many AMAZING coffee haunts, brunch spots and espresso bars popping up, Melbourne is world renowned for its coffee. 

But I've taken the plunge. I had my last coffee on Monday the 6th October. I'm not sure how long it will last but I've decided to try some time off coffee to see how I feel without the caffeine hit. 

I'm going gently. I set the intention of trying to get to one week, which I've successfully surpassed. Now I'm getting closer to three weeks and I've survived! I said to myself if I could last one week, I would try two weeks. If I made two weeks, I would try a month. After a month I will reassess if I need dear-coffee-my-old-friend back in my life or not. Perhaps it will be a once a week treat rather than a daily habit.

My love of herbal teas has continued to grow as a result of my coffee boycott. I think I could handle a lifetime of delicious herbal teas and chai lattes. It means I can work my way through all of the incredible brands of tea on the market guilt free ;-) My favourites at the moment are Pukka and Love Chai.

I'm not quitting coffee to be a martyr or fanatical. I'm trying to listen to my body more. It's a fun test to see intuitively how my body exists without that regular coffee hit in my life. It's also a great test of my mind and will power. Who doesn't like a challenge, right?

Since I've been studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) this year, one of the most valuable parts of the course has been playing around with different dietary theories to see which best suits my body. I've always been intuitive in other ways, although it had never crossed my mind to apply this skill to my eating habits (or in this case drinking habits)! 

So far what I've noticed most is how when I'm sleep deprived (due to recent babysitting duties while my sister was in hospital having her third child) I REALLY REALLY felt like a coffee to get me through the day. Not because I needed it, more because my brain has been programmed to think I need it! I really think for the most part it's a mental thing for me. I haven't had cravings or signs of withdrawal like headaches. My tum tum has thanked me for cutting the coffee too! :-)

What about you? Have you eliminated something from your diet for a week, a month or longer?

If so what was it? What did you learn from the experience?  

Have you heard of intuitive eating? Would you like to know more about intuitive eating in another blog post?

I cover intuitive eating in my holistic health coaching sessions, if this is something you feel may need addressing. For more information on my coaching programs please click here.

Mmm... all of this writing about quitting coffee is making me crave it! A Balinese driver I met last year while on holiday would keep his guests' empty takeaway coffee cups in his car just for the smell. I might have to start doing the same!


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