How to cure Mondayitis June 05 2016, 0 Comments


Mondayitis anyone?

Are you feeling meh about starting a new week?

I know I've been finding it hard to get out of bed on these fresh Winter Melbourne mornings!

Why not try taking 5 minutes to simply be before you start your day? It's just 5 minutes. This simple technique will totally shape your day. I promise.


Close down your eyes gently, relax your shoulders down and away from your ears and tune into your breath.

Count slowly to 3 on the in-breath and slowly to 3 on the out-breath. After five cycles, return to a natural rhythm.

Then repeat the mantra in your mind...

On the in-breath... I AM
On the out-breath... GRATEFUL
On the in-breath... I AM
On the out-breath... CALM
On the in-breath... I AM

On the out-breath... ENOUGH

You can alter the words to whatever comes intuitively, insert your Core Desired Feelings or whatever intention you're wanting to bring into your day. It might be abundant, peaceful, strong, determined, at ease.

With a deep breath in and a deep sigh out through the mouth, finish with the simple mantra...



Perhaps you have your own mantra or affirmation that you start your day with? I'd love you to share in the comments below!

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