The power of a full moon ritual May 21 2016, 0 Comments



Whether you believe in the powerful energy of the full moon or not, using this time as an opportunity to stop and reflect can be extremely potent. I'm a moon gazer, I've always been captivated by her beauty, it's hard not to be drawn to her hanging up there illuminating the night sky. 

Whether it's the period of retrograde or this impending Sagittarius full moon, boy have I been out of sorts this week! My laptop packed it in, my wifi was on the blink and I've been super emotional and easily triggered. All of my doubts and limiting beliefs have come creeping back in to say hello, calling me to take notice. I've been questioning am I enough, how will I get everything done, why is this happening, should I just give up? I noticed myself mid week slipping into victim mode and having a full-on pity party.

I had to call on the superpowers of my self-love and mindfulness practice to utilise this time to step back and reflect. To take time out to gain a fresh perspective of what was going on and what was being called forth for healing and clearing. The full moon tends to have this effect on us. It can shed light on what's working and not working so well.

This week it has been all about letting go of the things I can't control, releasing my attachment to goals and plans and accept what is. A theme of not trusting myself or life has come up and so I've been working on coming back into a place of trusting myself, divine timing and spirit. This full moon is all about realigning with our truth.

"The best course of action would be to let go of the need for control. Hold to your vision and speak your truth, but let the universe determine how things will unfold.
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. This invigorating full moon can embolden your voice and push you to step up into new levels of self-empowerment. Use this opportunity to harness the magnified energy of Mars by claiming ownership of your truth while honoring the needs of others." Anandashree Kari Field, Vedic Astrology


This full moon I wanted to share some ways you can use ritual to tap into the potent energy of these times and also share some of my favourite resources.

My favourite go-to forecasts and resources include:

Eloise Meskanen

Mystic Mamma


The Little Sage


So what are some of the rituals I use during a full moon period? 

I've listed a number of things I do around full moon that I find helpful. You may like to test some of them out and see which ones resonate for you.

1. Write a list of things no longer serving you

Sit down with a cup of tea and your journal and favourite pen. Write a list of things you wish to let go of. They may be limiting beliefs or doubts, emotions, relationships, fears, experiences, bad habits. Don't censor anything that comes up. You may wish to burn or tear the list up afterwards as a symbolic gesture of letting go.

2. Meditate

Sit in silent contemplation or complete a chakra cleanse meditation. What is coming up for you right now? Where can you feel it in your body? How is the mind, settled and calm or frantic? Don't analyse or judge the thoughts just notice. A beautiful body scan meditation or progressive muscle relaxation can also be a wonderful way to physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically let go, using the breath, intention and the body to systematically relax each part of the body. I also love attending a full moon sound healing meditation at Healing Delight.

3. Journal

You may feel called to do more journalling around the full moon. Allow whatever needs to come out to be released in stream of consciousness writing. Forget about spelling errors, grammar and whether it makes sense. Get it all out! 

4. Light a candle, burn sage or diffuse some essential oils

Make your space sacred and nurture yourself in the process. Light your favourite candle, burn sage to clear any stagnant energy or diffuse some of your favourite essential oils. Select oils that you feel drawn to and honour yourself and time out to reconnect. You may also wish to build an alter, recharge your crystals in the light of the full moon or pull an angel or oracle card for guidance.

5. Do something for you

Take a bath, go for a mindful walk in nature, book in for a massage. Imagine or visualise those things you wish to let go of falling away, dissolving and leaving you. Use this time to reflect, be present and integrate any shifts you may be experiencing.

Ready to try out your own ritual this full moon?

Perhaps you already have a trusty full moon ritual? I would love to hear what it involves! Feel free to share below in the comments.


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