9 reasons you're not achieving your goals March 26 2016, 0 Comments


It can be easy to feel frustrated and disillusioned when we put our hopes and dreams out into the world and they don't eventuate soon after. You might've read that all you have to do to manifest your deepest desires is put it out there to the Universe and abracadabra the Universe will conspire to make it happen! As if by magic. But then you get nudda or get distracted and lose sight of what your goals were in the first place! It can be disheartening I know. You might be wondering when is it going to be my turn? When am I going to be happier, have more money, find a man, get a better job, loose that 5 kg or nail that tricky yoga pose?

Here are nine reasons why your dreams, goals and intentions might not be coming to fruition. 

1. You haven't got clear on what you really desire.

If you don't know where you're heading in the first place, it can be very hard to get there! Manifesting and creating a life you love requires you to be very clear about what you want and don't want. Making sure you are specific about what you desire and having a timeline can help guide you. I believe we are fully supported when we step up and the Universe, God, Spirit (whatever your beliefs) responds better to clarity.

Top tip: Write down a list of things you desire in your life. What needs to change? What do you really want? It might help to list different areas such as career/finances, leisure/hobbies/creative pursuits, relationships, spirituality, health and fitness, etc to identify any areas that are out of balance. Check in with each desire or goal and see how that feels in your body. Rate out of 10 how much this goal means to you. Narrow it down to 1-3 main goals to work on to avoid overwhelm.

2. You don't know your why.

It helps to know our why, our motive, the driving force behind our goals and dreams. Consider why you want this goal, dream or vision so badly. Check in that the motive behind this goal is yours and not based on your parents, friends or society's expectations. Knowing your why helps motivate you and keep you on track, particularly when times get tough. It helps you stay the course. Your why might be your soul purpose in life, a legacy you wish to leave or your children.

Top tip: Do some journaling around your why. What are you here to do? What is your soul purpose? What is your legacy? Why is the goal so important to you? What ignites a fire in your belly? What change do you wish to see in the world?

3. You haven't visualised and imagined how it will look and feel when you achieve it.

When setting goals and attracting what we desire into our life we need to act and believe we already have that thing we desire. Visualisation is an extremely powerful way to tap into this. It starts this process of reprogramming the brain. It shows us what is possible and taps into our unlimited potential, without the old fears and self-limiting beliefs popping up. Just as elite athletes visualise their performance before a big event, we too can visualise successfully achieving our goals.

Top tip: Complete a guided visualisation of what you want your life to look like in 1, 5, 10 years time. How do you feel, what does it look like, where are you, who is with you? Breathe it, feel it, see it. You can also complete a specific guided visualisation on a certain experience, job, relationship or feeling that you would like to attract.

4. Whatever it was you hoped and dreamed of isn't for your highest good.

If you're doing everything to achieve your goals and they're still out of reach, consider whether your goals are for your highest good. Life brings us all kinds of lessons. I believe we are here to grow and evolve. Perhaps your goal is to become a millionaire. If the goal lacks purpose or a 'why' and is coming from a place of greed or envy, it's extremely unlikely to manifest. If it does, it may not be sustainable. If your goal is financial, consider what that money will bring you. Try following what lights you up and abundance will follow. It may not be in the form of money. Be open that it may be an abundance of time, space, peace, ease, energy, health, happiness and joy.

Top tip: Review your goals and check in, are they for your highest good? Do they tap into your why, your soul purpose? What would it mean if you achieved the goal/s? How would it serve you or others? If you need to reconsider think about what were you good at when you were a child, a teenager, a young adult? What are your strengths? Where has your whole life been leading you to?

5. There is still an underlying belief or 'program' that is blocking you.

You may think you've put your dream, intention or goal out there and are now waiting excitedly for the magic to happen. Then, nothing. You get crickets. Or perhaps you're watching everyone else around you manifest and create the life they desire and wondering what you're doing wrong. Our thoughts create our reality. Consider whether there is an underlying belief deep within your subconscious mind still preventing you from creating this reality. Do you truly believe you can achieve your goal? Is sabotage or procrastination getting in the way of you achieving success?

Top tip: I personally love using the DIY kinesiology kit from Awaken Kinesiology, which includes gorgeous chakra cards and an alignment process to check in for any underlying limiting beliefs or blocks. Tapping (EFT) is one useful way to help clear the blocks. To find out more about Kerry's fantastic alignment process check out her course Align and Attract or her DIY kit.

6. You're too attached to the outcome or coming from a place of scarcity.

Sometimes we can be so attached to an outcome that we chase our goals from a place of desperation. This is not in alignment with our soul and comes from a place of fear. Let go of the need for your goals to materialise immediately. Let go of the need for them to unfold exactly as you planned. Trust that everything is happening in divine timing. Sometimes we get taken down another path that leads us to a much better outcome. One that we can only see in hindsight. Be open to forks in the road and see these as lessons not failures or negatives. 

Top tip: Meditate and repeat an affirmation to support you like "I trust that all is unfolding in divine timing. I am open to receiving all that I desire."

7. You're not doing the work.

Whether you want to hear it or not, achieving goals takes hard work. Whether it be building a successful business, shedding 30kg or completing your yoga teacher training. Taking consistent inspired action is a necessity. Showing up every day. Some days I wish it was as easy as closing my eyes and visualising my dream life and opening my eyes and that life was right there, but it isn't so. It does take persistence, determination, self-belief and a positive mindset to make your goals come to life. It doesn't have to be boring though and you certainly don't have to do it alone!

Top tip: Take daily inspired action. Make a plan of attack, find an accountability coach, friend or family member who can keep you on track with your action steps. You can also join the incredible tribe in the free Soulful Goals Facebook group for additional support, resources and accountability. Do something every single day that moves you closer towards your dreams.

8. You give up just as you're about to break through then punish yourself afterwards.

Time and time again (me included!) I see people starting out strong who give up when the going gets tough, when the limiting beliefs get too much to bear. We've all been there. We get off track and then proceed to get down on ourselves when we slip up. We miss a day of yoga or keep sleeping in instead of getting up to meditate. We may lack support or let our mindset and limiting beliefs get us down. We might succumb to the doubts projected on us by others who say "you can't do that, what makes you think it'll work?"

Top tip: Don't beat yourself up if you go off track. It's inevitable we will slip up. Take time out and hit the reset button. Get back on the horse. Come back to your why. Forgive yourself and start where you are. Don't listen to the doubts of others. They are simply projecting their own fears onto you.

9. You compare yourself to someone else's journey. 

I see this all the time! It's so difficult not to do even when we know it's unhelpful. We compare ourselves to others on a similar path and also others on completely different paths! We beat ourselves up some more for not being further ahead, for not being better or more. We scroll through Instagram or Facebook and feel deflated or green with envy. This then usually leads to more sabotaging behaviour or feeling pretty rubbish. Our ego turns up the volume on our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and remind us "they are smarter than I am, they are more connected than I am, they had more help."

Top tip: Be selective who you follow on social media. Only surround yourself with feeds that motivate, inspire and light you up. Limit your time on social media if you're prone to comparisonitis. Remember those you compare yourself to are on a different journey and they too started somewhere. They are no more or less special than you. Use them as motivation and inspiration that you too can achieve what you want. 

I'd love to know the reason that trips you up the most? Did one stand out in particular or do you have another one to add? If so, leave a comment below. 


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