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7 ways to stay cool and calm this festive season December 12 2018, 0 Comments


The countdown is on until Christmas and the festive season is now in full swing. For many of us this means additional pressure to catch up with absolutely everyone, tick off every item on our Christmas shopping list, tidy up any loose ends at work and for some of it might mean kids end of school graduations, concerts or preparing for a holiday. Let’s be honest this time of year can bring out all of the feels! Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, that daunting feeling that you’re not going to get everything done.

For some of us this time of year also means spending time doing things we mightn’t ordinarily choose to do. From fighting people for car parks at the shopping centre, attending family gatherings you’d rather wish to avoid and spending money you don’t necessarily have.

The good news is we can navigate the silly season in a more conscious and connected way.

1. Stop and check in regularly.

It’s so common to get caught up in the ‘rush’ and ‘madness’ of the festive season. Pause, connect with the present moment and the here and now. Notice when your mind wants to worry about something in the future or ruminate over something (potentially a negative Christmas experience) from the past and return your attention to the present moment. You can do this by noticing your breath, the rise and fall of the chest or stomach or by tuning in to your five senses - what can I feel, see, smell, hear, taste?

2. Withhold judgement.

Bring gentle awareness to your thoughts and words. Notice when you become triggered by particular places, people, words and situations. See if you can drop the judgement and temptation to judge things as right or wrong, good and bad and choose more loving thoughts and words. This includes self-judgements and any thoughts of you not doing enough or being enough.

3. See things with fresh eyes.

Try to experience this time of year with a beginner’s mind. Leave behind past experiences, preconceived ideas, opinions and judgements of what the festive season is usually like. Attempt to see things as if for the very first time. If you’re up for an extra challenge that includes the family members who trigger you most. Notice what shifts when instead of the closed and rigid vision you start to see life through a more open and curious lens. Perhaps putting up the Christmas tree becomes a exercise of mindfulness and undoing the tangled fairy lights a valuable lesson in presence and patience.

4. Deck the halls with kindness and compassion.

The festive season can be a difficult time for many people for a whole range of reasons. Showing kindness and compassion to yourself first and foremost will help the good vibes flow out to everyone else around you. Watch your nasty inner critic, be kind to yourself if you’re experiencing a particularly challenging time. One simple technique is to place both hands over your heart and provide some words of comfort like “I’m doing the best I can” or “this sucks right now but I will get through it.”

5. Say no.

Don’t be afraid this festive season to say no. Don’t take on more than you can manage. Put yourself first, drop the need to please others and make conscious decisions about how you spend your precious time and energy. Saying no and setting firmer boundaries can be difficult but over time it becomes easier as you learn to flex your ‘no’ muscle.

6. Be grateful.

Having an attitude of gratitude increases our overall physical, emotional and mental well being, improves our sleep, relationships, empathy and self-esteem. Practice gratitude throughout the festive season by telling your loved ones what you’re grateful for in writing or if you celebrate, at the Christmas dinner table. Notice how you feel when you start to express your gratitude and if you want to deepen your practice, explore why you’re grateful.

7. Simplify.
Brainstorm ways that you can make your life easier at this time of year. Can you visit and support your local shops instead of battling the large shopping centres? Can you bake or make gifts or gift experiences rather than adding to landfill? What can you cross off your to-do list to create more time and space in your day? Simplify, simplify, simplify.

December and January can bring up all kinds of emotions for people. This festive season, why not slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect with what matters most to you. Don’t get caught up in the hype that it this time of year has to be chaotic or unpleasant!


What is the secret to happiness? April 30 2018, 0 Comments

Happiness. That elusive state of being. We all want it but can't quite seem to find it or stay there for very long. I spent years searching for it, mostly in external things that I naively assumed would bring me joy. Yet still it escaped me. Instead I found myself stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed. I was giving to everyone else and there was nothing left in the tank for me. Underneath the noise, when I got really quiet, I could hear a faint whisper, telling me there was another way. I'm so pleased I listened, because there really is another way. Life is meant for living. It's not meant to feel hard or meh all.the.time. 

Your roadmap might look slightly different to mine but I believe there are some essential ingredients to this happiness formula.

1. Make a conscious decision to feel good everyday. Commit to a non-negotiable practice or devotion to feeling good. What are you going to do or how are you going to ‘be’ to feel good? Will you be mindful in the shower rather than being on autopilot and running through your to-do list. Really feel that delicious hot water hitting your body. Will you put your favourite music on while making the breakfast and have a dance off? Will you think about what you’re grateful for when stuck in traffic instead of stressing? Will you come to yoga with a friend to find peace and calm in your day?

2. Tune in first thing on waking. Spend a few minutes tuning into your body, mind and spirit - your state of being. How do you feel? Tune in and notice without judging it as good or bad. Notice your thoughts, again without judging. If you wake up thinking you’ve only had 4 hours sleep and you feel tired, and this is the story that runs all day long then you’re going to feel tired. Instead notice this is your experience without judging it as good or bad, just accept what is, then let it go. Don’t let that run your day. Of course you can also decide to do something that will energise you - take a shower, make a green smoothie, move your body, meditate.

3. Check in throughout the day with gentle awareness. Awareness is key! If you’re living on autopilot throughout the day you will pass the days and weeks away without stopping and focusing on feeling good. Feeling good will just be incidental. So make feeling good your daily priority. If you feel resistance to feeling good, do something where you feel less resistance. For example, if you’re putting off your meditation practice even though you know it's good for you, mix it up, get outside and go for a walk instead. Once you’re outside on your walk and in the moment you’ll feel less resistance to meditate. Take the pressure off and let go of any self-imposed rules about what your feel good practice ‘should’ look like.

4. Remember that life is a series of moments. Be here now. In the present moment we aren't ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. We are 'simply being' in a non-judgemental and intentional way, tapped in and tuned into our senses. Enjoy the journey. Don’t wait to arrive at Point B before you start choosing joy, peace and contentment. If you wait for external circumstances to change, you will never find what you are seeking. Be happy first, then you will arrive at Point B, C and D. Everything you desire will be attracted to you, the right opportunities will pop up, the right people will cross your path and life will feel much more effortless. Follow the cookies crumbs. Listen to your intuition. This moment is all we have!

5. Live and love unconditionally. Choose to stay on the ship, even during rough storms. Learn the life skills to keep you from drowning or going overboard into the water. Learn mindfulness so you can respond to life rather than react. Don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect before being happy. “Even though I feel stuck right now, I choose joy.” “Even though my child isn’t doing what I want right now, I love them anyway and I choose peace.” “Even though I haven’t met the ‘one’ yet, I love myself and I am worthy. The one is on the way.”

6. Recognise that happiness comes from within. While we are built for connection, you can’t rely on anyone to make you happy. You are 100% responsible for your own happiness and for your own feelings. That may sometimes seem hard to take or believe but it’s absolutely true. Once you accept this then you can start to take the small steps towards living a more joyful and fulfilling life.

7. Practice self-love and mindfulness. Be kind and compassionate to yourself always. This isn’t just by doing things that are nourishing but also being mindful of the way you speak to yourself and showing yourself compassion every single day. Become your own best friend and be quick to forgive yourself when needed. Know that you are absolutely enough just for being alive. Continue to spend more time tuning into the present moment, non-judgementally. Remember too that these are practices, not quick fixes. It's the small, consistent steps that lead to big changes. 

8. Have an attitude of gratitude and a empowered mindset. Research has proven just how beneficial gratitude is for our happiness. Focusing on what we have and all we are thankful for means we’re not focused on the negative. When we are grateful, it’s impossible to feel bad! You can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. Our mindset, perspective and attitude is also essential. The lens in which we view the world sets the tone for what we believe and how we show up. It’s impossible to cultivate positive, lasting change or be truly happy when we are stuck playing the victim. The victim blames others for their unhappiness, doesn’t take responsibility and always has plenty of reasons why something isn’t possible and loves to throw pity parties. If you can relate to playing the victim, start with bringing gentle awareness to this and start to shift your perception.

9. Monitor your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you always think the same thoughts, feel the same way and do the same thing, you will keep recreating your past. Your thoughts and beliefs they lead to your feelings and this dictates the actions you take or don't take. Start to tell yourself a new story that is more accurate than the one you're currently telling yourself. Most people I work with have two core issues I see come up time and time again. They feel unworthy or 'not enough' and they don't like feeling out of control. Both of these scenarios suggest that you've disconnected from the essence of who you truly are, disconnected from the present moment and are living from a place of fear and doubt, rather than love and trust. 

10. Seek support and guidance. If only we came with a detailed instruction manual on “How to be happy.” The thing is we don’t. Don’t waste 1, 10, 20 years or more trying to find out on your own, reading self-help book after self-help book. Working with a coach can help you tap into your inner guru and connect with your intuition. As an occupational therapist, life transformation coach, self-love and mindfulness mentor I can teach you how to understand and utilise the power of your mind, tailor your own self-love and mindfulness practice so you can enjoy the journey and create the life you truly desire. You don't have to stay stuck on that exhausting hamster wheel. Learning and mastering life skills that lead to happiness is one of the most loving gift you can give yourself.

If you'd like to discuss what takes you away from experiencing more joy and find out what is holding you back, book a free discovery session here. There is no need to go it alone. If you're experiencing a life transition or mid-life crisis, feeling triggered, anxious or stressed regularly I'm here to tell you there is another way. I offer individualised 1:1 coaching, online group programs, mindfulness meditation sessions, workshops and retreats. If you'd like to join my free Facebook group you can do so here.

7 Tips To Meditate Consistently April 19 2018, 0 Comments

It’s no secret I’m a MASSIVE fan of mindfulness and meditation. It has completely changed my life! Do I need to tout some of the many benefits? Improved memory, concentration, productivity and immune function, as well as reduced blood pressure, inflammation, pain, signs of ageing (my favourite), depression, anxiety and stress.   

In this quick video and blog post I challenge some common expert recommendations and bust some myths or 'how to's' that might be keeping you from starting or maintaining a consistent meditation practice. Some of them go against everything you may have been told.

 You DON'T have to meditate at the same time everyday. 

While it can help many people to establish a routine, meditating at the same time everyday doesn't work for everyone. If one day you meditate in the morning, fabulous. If the next day it's before bed, that is absolutely ok. The main thing is checking in each day and blocking out some time in your diary in advance. If you miss your morning practice, it doesn't mean you can't meditate after work or before bed!

 You DON'T have to meditate in the same place.

You can meditate sitting in your lounge chair one day and on the train the next. One day you might meditate outside in your garden or the local park while the next evening you meditate in your bed before you go to sleep. Let the rule book go and meditate wherever you desire! If you like the ritual of meditating in a cosy corner or meditation nook, fabulous BUT if you are short on space DON'T let this deter you from starting your practice.

 You DON'T have to sit in lotus pose.

You can sit with your legs out in front of you, with your back up against the wall or you can sit in a chair. You can also lie down, although there is a risk in the early days or if tired you may drift off to sleep, which is completely ok too if you're using meditating to help you get some zzzz's. There are also other seated poses like kneeling over a bolster that can be very comfortable. I always encourage people to try a few different positions to find their favourite.

 You DON'T have to spend an hour meditating, 10 minutes is perfectly fine.

Research has shown the positive effects of just 10 minutes of meditation per day. Even 5 minutes a day to connect with your breath and the present moment, move out of your monkey mind and into your body can reduce overwhelm. Do not underestimate the power of a short meditation practice.

 If you have time to spend on social media, you have time to meditate!

I see and hear of so many people spending huge amounts of time on social media. It's so easy to start off innocently checking Facebook for the day and an hour later realise you've been distracted snooping into some long lost boyfriend's life or going from some random blog post to the next. I too can get caught in the addictive 'scroll' before bed or when I'm procrastinating. Notice when you're mindlessly scrolling and close the app on your phone and open your meditation app or switch the phone off altogether for a social media mini detox!

 Make your meditation practice work for you and your lifestyle.

This is essential to having a consistent practice. Don't be afraid to go against the rule books. Yes it can help to have a routine. Yes it is suggested that the most effective time to meditate is on waking. BUT... if you're not consistently meditating because you can't quite master the same time, same place biz then make it work for you.

Meditating anytime of the day is better than not meditating.

Meditating sitting one day, lying the next is better than not meditating at all. 

 DON'T place too many restrictions on how it ‘should’ look or you’ll find many excuses why you CAN'T do it. 

In my opinion we can get too caught up in our wellbeing rituals being too complex or 'by the book.' There doesn't leave much room for fun or flexibility. The path of least resistance is usually the best. If you're not someone who thrives on routine and instead thrive on having balance and flexibility, make your practice work for you.

Want more tips like these? Give me a yes in the comments!

Already meditating? I’d love to know are you a same time, same place kinda person or do you allow or prefer more flexibility? 

If you'd like to find out more about how to introduce the life changing magic of mindfulness and meditation into your life book a call with me here.

Want to join my Facebook group where I share additional tips and happiness hacks on mindfulness, meditation, self-love, mindset and consciously creating a life you love? Click here.


Simone Russell is a life coach, self-love and mindfulness mentor with a passion for empowering you to release the fears, old baggage, self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can experience more joy, inner peace and ease in your daily life. Typically working with women who are burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, lost or lacking a sense of purpose, she helps them to reconnect with their intuition, find clarity, confidence and calm. Simone offers individualised coaching programs, group online programs, transformational workshops and retreats. Simone has a unique gift in helping you find the guru within.

5 Simple Steps To Overcome Overwhelm February 28 2018, 0 Comments


Overwhelm is NOT your natural state of being...

We've all been there though right? It's not a nice place. Everything is going along great, but slowly in the background you feel it building up. That old familiar feeling. Ick.

So what do we do about it?

Here are some tips:

 1. Pause. 
Switch off the autopilot button. And no that doesn't mean you need to sit in lotus but take time out to 'be' and check in. Notice what thoughts and feelings are coming up without judging or analysing them.

Read the full blog post here.

What can a baby teach you about mindfulness? September 30 2017, 0 Comments

Today I wanted to share a mindfulness tip. 3 months ago Laney made me a mama! It has been the most joyful experience of my life, but there have been moments where I've been tested (like many mothers would understand) and I've had to call on my own mindfulness practice to get me through!

When Laney was about 3 or 4 weeks old she became very unsettled overnight. Her clockwork sleeping and feeding pattern went out the window for a number of weeks! Was it a growth spurt, was it wind? Who knows! She was often awake from 7, 8 or 9pm at night until 1, 2, 3 or even 5am once before she would finally settle. It was tough going for a while. I found it so much easier to navigate using my mindfulness practice, in particularly the pillars of patienceacceptance and non-judgement!

In the wee hours of the night whenever Laney woke up unsettled or looking for another feed I had two options...

1. I could look at the clock and judge the hour as 'good' or 'bad'.

Clock watching + judging led to thoughts like... "OMG I'm going to be soooo tired tomorrow!" which led to feelings of frustration ("what's wrong with her?"), anger ("why won't she go to sleep?") and self-doubt ("what am I doing wrong?") It would result in me getting impatient with the poor little bebe who was still trying to adjust to the world. This state of mind wasn't conducive to her or my wellbeing, leaving me feeling all worked up and finding it difficult to get back to sleep once she finally drifted off! It wasn't a very pretty picture. I would feel super tired and mummy guilt would set in for getting so grumpy. Perhaps you've been here and can relate? 


2. I could look at the clock out of curiosity and choose NOT to judge the time (or Laney waking, needing a feed or being unsettled) as 'good' or 'bad'.

Instead I could be curious and accept the time for what it was ("ah interesting it's 3am"), not attach any specific meaning to the time, and NOT wish for things to be different, trusting that some things run on their own time and are out of my control. I could choose patience and compassion for myself ("I'm doing the best I can") and Laney ("she's a little bub, she's not deliberately trying to piss me off!") 

Do you know which option makes me feel much calmer and more content? Option 2 of course!! But you know what else? It takes consistent practice. Just as I'd nailed this Laney started to sleep through! Which leads to another post... the super helpful mantra 'this too shall pass.'

If you're in the mood for some self enquiry I invite you to consider these questions:

Where in your life are you judging things as 'good' or 'bad' and allowing that to negatively affect you?

Perhaps you're judging the weather and letting that dictate your day and mood?

Perhaps you've judged someone or yourself?

Where in your life are you not accepting things for what they are and wishing things were different?

Where are you wishing to be further ahead?

When and where do you tend to find yourself being impatient?

Does being caught in traffic wind you up? 

This is one way I'm using my mindfulness practice in motherhood so far but it's completely applicable to other areas of your life too. If you found this blog post helpful or know someone who would benefit from it, please share!

Book a complimentary 30 minute session here to find out how working with a coach can reduce your negative self-talk, overwhelm and stress and help you find greater inner peace, clarity and confidence.


Overcoming sabotage: Guest interview with psychologist Georgie Beames November 25 2016, 0 Comments

I know, I know, it has been a while since I've published a blog post!

For many months, in fact ever since I started my business Yogamona, I've wanted to video interview guest experts across a range of areas such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, personal development, healing/transformation, mind set and spirituality. I guess a little old self-sabotage of my own has been holding me back from just doing it! I've made excuses about not knowing what technology to use, postponed interview dates, couldn't decide who to interview, you name it I've pulled out every sabotage trick in the book! So it seems divinely orchestrated that my very first guest video interview is on the very topic of sabotage. A topic that comes up frequently with my coaching clients and for me personally as well.

For this very first guest video interview I have Georgie Beames, a psychologist who works exclusively with women around emotional eating and food in her private practice and via her highly regarded online programs. Sabotage is a common area that Georgie identifies holding women back in relation to finding food freedom. In fact we both agree that sabotage holds people back from freedom full stop. Whether you have challenges with food, your weight, emotional eating or simply want to understand more about self-sabotage you will absolutely love this interview.

We cover:

+ What is sabotage

+ How sabotage shows up and what it's really about

+ How to identify your saboteur/s

+ What to do to overcome it

If you would like to sign up to Georgie's next free 5 day Food Freedom Challenge which kicks off in January 2018 sign up here.

You can also read more about Georgie and her work around emotional eating and finding food freedom at

If you would like to join the Yogamona Soulful Goals community you can sign up to the next challenge starting in 2018 here or join the free private Facebook group here.

Want to find out more about how to overcome sneaky sabotage? I have a full module on this topic in my Soulful Goals Online Program. Find out more here.

Lacking clarity or meaning in your life? Do this. August 31 2016, 0 Comments

We've all been there. That place of indecision, not knowing what we want, how to move forward, wondering if this is as good as it gets, considering giving up on our hopes and dreams. I've been there and sometimes I return there temporarily, although it's not a place I love to hang out anymore. I'm a strange creature who generally likes change, who gets bored quickly and has always taken responsibility for my own happiness. If something isn't working I change it, I get to know what's underneath it and what I can do about it. If you're lacking clarity or meaning in your life, feeling like something is missing read the full blog post here

How to cure Mondayitis June 05 2016, 0 Comments


Mondayitis anyone?

Are you feeling meh about starting a new week?

I know I've been finding it hard to get out of bed on these fresh Winter Melbourne mornings!

Why not try taking 5 minutes to simply be before you start your day? It's just 5 minutes. To find out my tip on how to cure Mondayitis click here.

The power of a full moon ritual May 21 2016, 0 Comments



Whether you believe in the powerful energy of the full moon or not, using this time as an opportunity to stop and reflect can be extremely potent. I'm a moon gazer, I've always been captivated by her beauty, it's hard not to be drawn to her hanging up there illuminating the night sky. 

Whether it's the period of retrograde or this impending Sagittarius full moon, boy have I been out of sorts this week! My laptop packed it in, my wifi was on the blink and I've been super emotional and easily triggered. All of my doubts and limiting beliefs have come creeping back in to say hello, calling me to take notice. I've been questioning am I enough, how will I get everything done, why is this happening, should I just give up? I noticed myself mid week slipping into victim mode and having a full-on pity party. Read the full blog post here.

The one thing holding you back May 15 2016, 0 Comments

I work with women who are seeking more. Not in a "I'll never be happy" kind of way but in an intuitive way. They hear a little voice inside, underneath the crap our ego feeds us that we are stuck with our lot in life, a voice that whispers "come in this direction, there is another way." Perhaps this is you? These women seek a different life, a happier life for themselves. Perhaps less stress, less overwhelm, less anxiety. More calm, deep inner peace, ease, flow, more soul, connection, presence, a greater purpose, more joy and passion. 

I understand. I totally get this. I've been there before. I know that voice all too well, the one that says there is something else, there is more out there, I am capable of more. The inner voice, the knowing inside that believes in magic and the limitless opportunities in life that open up once we are ready to believe and receive. That voice has become my friend, it continues to guide me on my journey. To read the full blog post click here.

The life-changing magic of the Desire Map April 10 2016, 0 Comments

For those of you who know me or have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I'm a HUGE fan of the Desire Map. 

There is so much power in declaring your desires and setting intentions. Something magical happens when we get crystal clear on what we want and then go after it. Do you know what I'm talking about? Read the full blog post here.

The art of saying no April 01 2016, 0 Comments


Setting boundaries and learning to say no is a huge topic! It's something that I'm fascinated by and has been coming up for me for sometime. I used to be a serial 'good girl' which equated to being a 'yes girl' and a 'put-myself-last-girl.' I used to take pride in my ability to do it all! But my inability to say no has led me to serious burnout on a number of occasions. Leaving me wondering when will I ever learn? While I'm much better than I have been in the past I still revert back to old ways at times and need to keep myself in check. To read the full blog post click here.

9 reasons you're not achieving your goals March 26 2016, 0 Comments

It can be easy to feel frustrated and disillusioned when we put our hopes and dreams out into the world and they don't eventuate soon after. You might've read that all you have to do to manifest your deepest desires is put it out there to the Universe and abracadabra the Universe will conspire to make it happen! As if by magic. But then nudda, or get distracted and lose sight of what your goals were in the first place. It can be disheartening I know. You might be wondering when is it going to be my turn? When am I going to be happier, have more money, find a man, get a better job, loose that 5 kg or nail that tricky yoga pose?

Here are nine reasons why your dreams, goals and intentions might not be coming to fruition. Read the full blog post here.

How to move through challenging times with grace March 16 2016, 0 Comments

My year started on such a high, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed after a lovely Christmas break and ready to take on 2016. I felt totally in flow! Towards the end of January and into February however, I saw my energy slowly shift and plummet. I began to feel flat, exhausted and more negative than my usual optimistic self. Despite my best intentions and ginormous tool kit of self-help strategies and stress management hacks, I felt like life was happening to me. Sure, there were a series of events that have contributed and I could always blame the full moons, eclipses and intense energy of recent times, but I won't. My inner critic, my mean girl was turned up to the maximum volume! How did I get there? To read the full blog post click here.

5 ways to get through Valentine's Day if you're single (or not) February 14 2016, 0 Comments

We've all been there right?

Dreading that day of love coming up, knowing it will be spent once again without a romantic partner. Wishing the day would pass by quickly without a big fuss. Hoping it doesn't fall on a Friday or Saturday night because you'll be left stranded at home with a video and a bottle of wine, drinking alone and feeling like a misery guts while all of your mates are out on hot dates with their lovers? Here are five ways to get through Valentine's Day this year. Read the full blog post here.

February is the new January - 20 questions to ask yourself February 07 2016, 0 Comments

Holy Moly! Where did January go?

I don't know about you but January flew past, leaving me with very little time to finish my intentions for the year or map out a strategy for my biz and life goals. I'm holding on to those New Year vibes though. Last weekend I spent a gorgeous Nature, Sound and Creativity Play Date session with Business and Creativity coach Clare Greig. Together we hiked up Camel's Hump on Mount Macedon and Clare took me through the most beautiful guided visualisation with a Tibetan singing bowl. It was incredible being out in nature and gave me a totally different perspective. It got me back in the mode of contemplating what I really want this year. Among the many insights, I visualised a beautiful new office space (very different from my current dining table!) and helping more gorgeous clients crush their limiting beliefs and step into a life they love through my 1:1 coaching, weekly meditation classes, Desire Map workshops and retreats.

This year, February is the new January! In fact any month is perfect for reflecting and setting new intentions! So go and find a cosy spot, grab a note book and a pen. Here are 20 questions to ask yourself... To read the full blog post click here.

3 tips to ease back into work after the holidays January 14 2016, 0 Comments

I went back to my day job earlier this week after having over two weeks off. The longest break I've had in a while! I had such a wonderful break and felt refreshed and inspired heading back into the city on Monday. Returning to my day job got me thinking about a quote I loved from my coaching course with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

"Find work that you love or a way to love the work that you do."

What is your relationship with your work?

Last year I spent too much time wishing I was working full time in my business. I was pushing too hard and at times I wasn't truly present and grateful for my day job, which I really do love. I'm blessed to work with amazing colleagues and inspirational clients.

Here are three of my top tips to help ease you back into work after the holidays so you're not left starting the year feeling resentful or disheartened about your work. Read the full blog post here.

What I want for you in 2016 January 01 2016, 0 Comments


Happy New Year! As we enter the first day of 2016, I feel inspired, full of hope and possibility. How about you? Perhaps you're not feeling this way at all. Regardless of how you're feeling and whether you like it or not, there is so much talk of New Year's resolutions and goals at this time. We can easily get into thinking we aren't enough, didn't achieve enough and need to be someone or do something totally different to make the new year better. Or worse still, if you're feeling in a funk and everyone else is all up beat and excited, it can only make you feel worse. Start where you are. Sit with whatever you're feeling today. But know this.

This is what I want for you this year…

Less stress. Less overwhelm. Less anxiety. Less worry.

Less exhaustion. Less burnout. Fewer meltdowns.

Less numbing of emotions, mindless boozing and T. V.

Less procrastinating. Less self-doubt. Less self-sabotage. 

Read the full blog post here.

How to utilise the energy of the New Year December 13 2015, 0 Comments


I absolutely LOVE this time of year, the festive season vibes, the promises and excitement of a new year ahead.  Time to hit reset. Clear the slate. Start fresh. Take the valuable lessons from the current year and let go of anything that no longer serves you. The year's end is the perfect time to take a moment to stop and reflect on the year that has been. The highs, the lows and everything in between! Setting sacred time aside to consider and celebrate your achievements is so important. Spending time dreaming, visualising and planning the next twelve months is equally as important to ensure you have a road map to get where you wish to go. To read the full blog post click here.

Yoga, what is all the fuss about? November 08 2015, 0 Comments

Are you one of those people who think that you can’t go to a yoga class because you're unable to touch your toes?

Feeling like you have to be a certain type of person, or have certain flexibility super powers to even enter into one of those flashy yoga studios?

All around you the media is telling you how amazing and beneficial yoga is, while you may be thinking that yoga is for made for some other kind of species than you? To read what the fuss is all about click here.

12 things I learned in my first year of business October 23 2015, 0 Comments

It's 16 months since my website and business went "live". The idea to start Yogamona came to me six months before that. I initially thought I might follow in my mum's footsteps and go into gift and home wares but I wanted to have a range of yoga wear as well. Under some good advice it was suggested to focus on yoga wear and accessories. A business with yoga at the heart of it seemed much more aligned with my interests and passion for yoga, meditation and holistic health. It made perfect sense. To read the full blog post click here.

Why meditation rocks and where to start! October 14 2015, 0 Comments

For those who have been part of the Yogamona community for some time you will no doubt have caught on that I'm a massive fan of meditation. It's such a big part of my life purpose and "my story". It really all started back in my undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy over 15 years ago where we were introduced to relaxation strategies in the form of breathing, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. We were taught these strategies as a form of stress relief by triggering the relaxation response, the opposite of the stress (fight or flight) response. They were particularly useful for patients with chronic illness, mental health conditions and those recovering from ill health. I taught relaxation on and off throughout my clinical practice. Little did I realise at the time but what we were taught at University and what I went on to teach my patients were the underpinnings of a mindfulness and meditation practice. To read the full blog post click here.

5 Steps to Find Your Shine! September 03 2015, 0 Comments

A few weeks ago my gorgeous friend Chara Caruthers from Bliss, Body and Soul and I ran a 5 day challenge on how to Find Your Shine. It was so much fun! We absolutely loved everyone's insights, beautiful pictures and the engagement online. For those who missed out on the challenge or if like me, you're coming out of a long, cold hibernation period where energy has been low - read on to get a glimpse of our top tips for finding your shine! You might want to grab your journal and a pen to write down the questions and spend some time answering them.


We believe the key to finding your shine starts with KNOWING and LOVING yourself. Ready...? Let's get started! To read the full blog post click here

How I lost my yoga mojo July 26 2015, 0 Comments

Is anyone else finding this winter particularly challenging? Low energy, wanting to hibernate? Eating twice as much, having super strong sugar cravings, not wanting to exercise, just wanting to stay wrapped up in bed with a cup of tea? I am the first to put up my hand! I love the winter, I love snuggling in bed longer, rugging up in a winter coat and beanie, the fresh, crisp winter air as it hits my face. It makes me feel alive. But I don't like what else winter has brought with it.


I have a confession to make. To read the full blog post click here.